LeAnn Rimes Puts Brandi Glanville's Kids on TV Without Asking -- Wouldn't YOU Be Annoyed?

brandi glanvilleI vowed to myself on Friday that I wasn't going to write about Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes anymore, because their feud is ridic and they're obviously both loving the media attention, but I have to break my vow today, because Brandi Glanville, yet again, has made a pretty valid point. (Though, clearly she's a lying liarface about not wanting their feud to be public.)

Okay, so you know how you never see Brandi's kids on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? There's a reason for that. And it's not because Brandi doesn't want them on TV (which is what I thought). It's because she's forbidden by Eddie Cibrian's lawyer from bringing them with her when she films. Which is understandable, and even respectable, right? Right! Well, why then were Brandi's sons, Mason and Jake, featured in LeAnn Rimes' exclusive E! interview -- without her permission? That's messed up!

And, yes, obviously Brandi tweeted about it.

After seeing the LeAnn Rimes sob-fest, Brandi tweeted: "My kids can be on [an] E news special apparently but not in the background of the show I am on? Amazing!" How can you not side with Brandi here? This situation seems pretty black and white to me -- they're her kids; she should be asked if it's okay they appear on the show.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I don't think Brandi's the classiest lady in the book, but she definitely has cause to feel annoyed with LeAnn and Eddie -- and not just because they were having an affair, because they don't think any rules apply to them. They sort of just do what they want and don't make any apologies.

Brandi has every right to be pissed about seeing her kids on TV -- Lord knows I'd be. But I also don't doubt that a small part of her was a little bit happy about it -- because now she gets to keep this publicity machine going.

Would you be pissed if you were Brandi?

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KAV1970 KAV1970

I would seriously be ticked too, but you also have to look & see what type of custody arrangement they have. Maybe this is something she needs to bring up with her attorneys &/or any therapists involved in the sitaution - if there are any. They also (LeAnn/Eddie) probably think "well, this is just one episode" compared w/the kids being on TV all of the time, not that it makes it right, nor am I condoning it. I'm just sayin'

He's a jerk & well, I have no more respect for either one of them. Just because you remarry (EDDIE) doesn't mean LeAnn is now mommy to these boys - SHE IS NO - she never will be. And anyone in this type of situation needs to remember that the new wife is NOT AUTOMATICALLY the new mommy.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

LeAnn Rimes will get what she deserves! I hope the kids know that LeAnn is not a nice lady and has caused their mommy a lot of pain. (And I secretly hope they give her hell...)

tuffy... tuffymama

My mother forwarded pics of my kids to people I don't know and people I don't like. I quit giving and emailing her pics of the kids. I cannot imagine how angry I'd be if someone put my kids on tv without my consent. Grrrr!

imamo... imamombygrace

I have no sympathy for someone who knowingly goes after a married man.

nonmember avatar Robin

Apparently the FATHER gave HIS consent---he is just as much a parent as she is. I have no idea what the language of the divorce decree/custody agreement states. If he violated a court order, I am sure we will hear about it. The article and comments seem to presume that the father does not get to make decisions forh is own children.

Judith K Littles

Lee Ann Rhimes seems completely classless and manipulative. I'm completely disgusted by her antics. She needs to stops using those children as pawns in her awful little melodramas.

divam... divamomtjcj

m tired of hearing about lee ann i dont like her

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

This is just another something for Brandi to be in the spot light about. SMH. I didn't see the interview with Lee Ann, so I'm not sure if there was really reason to have the kids on the show anyway, but it's not really THAT big of deal. Consider the differences in the two shows. One is an interview (pretty normal, low key show) versus ANOTHER trashy reality show. I would MUCH rather my kids be on the first one. And if someone wants to put my kids on TV with/without my permission...AWESOME!! As long as noone's getting paid for it. Get my kids some exposure please! And I agree with Robin above..the father has rights too!

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

@ KAV1970  ..someone (huh hem) sounds a little bitter! She may not be the "biological" mother, but if she is married to the dad and kis helping support/raise the kids, she IS a mother too!! A stepmother, maybe, but a MOTHER nonetheless. Just like the man in my life, who has helped raise my boys for the past 4 years..may not be blood related but he SURE AS HELL is more of a father to them than their bio-dad!! And quite frankly, I'd say he has more say so when it comes to them. Just my opinion..

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Robin - Wow, way to miss the point. The father gets to decide the mother can't have them on her TV show, but the stepmom can? Uh...NO! He already had his say when he barred Brandi from having them on her show, he can't decide that his skank gets to put them on TV when their MOTHER can't!

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