Pamela Anderson's Crazy Debt Will Make Your Head Spin

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Pamela AndersonWhoa. Former Dancing With the Stars All-Star contestant Pamela Anderson is in MAJOR debt right now, and when I say debt, I mean over $370,000 in debt. (And you thought you had credit card problems.)

According to TMZ, Pam owes the IRS $259,395.75 and also $112,118.90 to the state of California, which adds up to the hefty sum of $371,514.65.

That. Must. Suck.

And while it's so disheartening when celebs like Pam get into such crazy financial trouble (yes, I'm talking to you, Lindsay Lohan), it's kind of hard to feel sorry for them when they've had money problems in the past and haven't learned from them.

Back in 2009, Pam reportedly owed $1.7 million in taxes, so you'd think by now she would've learned her lesson that when you make a lot of money, you have to act like a responsible human being and get a handle on your accounts before things get out of control.

Seriously, when you're famous, isn't there this little light bulb that goes off in your head when the cash starts rolling in that makes you say, "Gee, I should probably hire an accountant to keep tabs on my spending before I wake up one day and realize every last dime is gone and I still haven't paid my taxes?"

Being a celebrity unfortunately doesn't make you exempt from the IRS, so if Pam thought forgetting to pay up would be overlooked because of her Hollywood status, obviously she was mistaken.

Hopefully she's got an extra $370,000 lying around so she can settle up; otherwise, it doesn't look like her holidays are going to be very merry and bright this year.

Why do you think celebrities allow themselves to get into financial trouble like this?


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worki... workingmama86

Isn't that like pocket change to her?? I'm sure she could fork that over without any problems.. Or at least make payments for a couple months... but seriously, aren't celebs making millions these days? not a million, but millions? lol 

divam... divamomtjcj

bc they prolly think other ppl will deal with it

Miriam Kennedy

I'm sure she'll figure out a way to handle it. 

Numom... Numom61507

I think it's idiotic they keep spending the way they do when they know they're not working.

Renae Douglas

I have a hard time feeling sorry when a persons TAX debt is higher than the annual income of 98% of the US population. Especially considering we all know how little a percent of their income the rich pay in taxes.

Dianne Robertson

Well is Pam making any REAL money now,??She should have a budget for her finances. she's not a kid anymore,soooo start paying what you can and7 suck it up !!!

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