Matt Bomer Shouldn’t Lose the Chance to Play Christian Grey Because He’s Too Old

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Matt BomerPlenty of names have been thrown around as possibilities for who will play Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but now it looks as though the list is being whittled down a bit.

Just last week, Channing Tatum made a comment about taking time off from acting, leading some to believe that means he won't land the Fifty Shades gig. And now, according to a new rumor, casting favorite Matt Bomer may lose Christian's role, and the reason is definitely a bit unexpected.

No, it's not because he's gay, which some think may hinder his chemistry with Anastasia Steele.

It's actually due to his age, because some think at 35, he's way too old to play Christian Grey. (You know, because 35 is so ancient and all.)

But if Matt does wind up being thrown out of the ring because of his age, doesn't that mean there are a few more seriously hot actors we can rule out as well? Because if Matt's too old, other dudes around his age have to be deemed the same; otherwise, it's just not fair.

Ok, so let's see who would wind up being eliminated if the age factor comes into play.

First and foremost, I guess we can kiss Alexander Skarsgard goodbye, because he's the ripe old age of 36. And what about Ian Somerhalder? Sure, he's a year younger than Matt at 34, but he's creepin' up there.

And then there's Ryan Gosling. At 32, by the time the film is made, he'll be in his mid-30s as well, so will that put him over the hill?

I'm going to go ahead and put it out there that all this age business really seems like a bunch of nonsense. Plenty of actors have taken on roles that are either much older or younger then they actually are in real life, so why should the Fifty Shades of Grey movie be any different?

And aside from that, whoever is cast as Christian probably should be a little bit older and more mature; otherwise, it may be hard for the audience to buy into him being in a dominant role. He has to have a commanding presence, and it may be a lot harder to achieve the right vibe with an actor who is much too young.

(Wouldn't you rather see Ana tied up by an older man?)

Do you think there should be an age limit on who is considered for Christian Grey's role?


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Rosi Guillen

no way, Matt can be 35, he can easily pass for a 29/ 30 year old HUNK. He IS CHRISTIAN GREY.

Lori Martinson Cyples

LOL  You need to read the books again.  Definitely wrong body style.  I've seen Magic Mike and he is definitely NOT Christian Grey.  Channing Tatum IS Christian Grey.  He has the body and the eyes and his hair color is a heck of a lot closer!


BPayne09 BPayne09

Channing Tatum could only play Christian because of his body. His busted face is not what I picture Christian to look like. Matt would be much better but I'm sure there is somebody even better than that.

Amanda L. Ennis

Respectfully, I love Matt Bomer, I think he's a great actor, and I could careless if he's gay, straight, or trisexual...nor do I care about his age.. he doesn't look 35... my issue is I can't see him being dominate. Cunning, and witty yes.. but I don't see him as a dominate male role. He's great in everything I've seen him in.. but I would have a hard time buying him as a "twisted, 50 shades of f*cked up character".. I'm pulling for Ian Somerhalder.. I've seen him in similiar roles (no not the Vampire Diaries, some of his grittier stuff).. and I think this role was made for him. Whoever gets it will have to do their very best to embody the epitome of Christian Grey or the movie will go to sh*t. Just my opinion!


~Amanda Ennis

Jayne Aldridge Seboe

I do care that he's gay. He has to be believable in the role and that would ruin it for me. Age doesn't bother me. I am leading towards Ian, but he needs to work out a bit to bulk up. He surely has the eyes for it. Just sayin. 

Tasha Long

I really want Ian somerhalder to get the part I agree with Amanda He would play the dominate role great!!! BTW what other movies have you seen Ian in?

nonmember avatar Nina

Really Jayne? You're an idiot. You do know anyone playing the part is just acting and that even if he was straight doesn't mean he's really into it. Sorry if you're trying to get your rocks off to it but news flash. It's not real.

nonmember avatar Krystal

if matt can't do it because hes "old" then none of the other favorite actors can play christian because they are "old" too.

true-... true-love-21

I do feel like somebody under 30 or who looks extremely young at 35 or under should play the part. Christian is in this mid to late 20's. some people are looking at actors in their late 30's. I do feel like age can be a bit of an issue

Lori Ann Smith

I Like Matt for the role of Christian but what about Jensen Ackles from Supernatural or maybe Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire... either way... but some of the actors like Alex Pettyfer, I'm sorry I think he's too young...

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