Jennie Garth Struggles With Ex-Husband Peter Facinelli's New Flame

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Jennie GarthOoof, my heart hurts for Jennie Garth today. Our girl Kelly Taylor admits she is hurting, y'all! Ex-husband Peter Facinelli is officially back out there, dating Nurse Jackie co-star Jaimie Alexander. And the mother of his children has had to take questions from the media on how she feels about it all.

Any guesses what she had to say about this new woman in Peter's life?

I think there will come a time when it won't sting so bad. But I'm not quite there yet ... You know, I am happy that he is happy, though.

Well, gee, you mean it's hard to see someone move on after a decade of marriage? Duuuuuuh!

How did people think Jennie would react to her ex-husband dating? The father of her children is dating another woman. That's a tough thing to stomach.

Although well-meaning friends will warn you that you can't be "stuck" on someone, people need to realize that sting Jennie is talking about is less a sign that you aren't progressing after divorce and more a symbol of shared history. I don't care how hard you've worked to build a new life after a marriage disintegrates; for some people that sting may never completely go away.

Marriage is complicated. Divorce is even more complicated. But the fact is, when you're tied to one another for even a short time in matrimony, you form memories together. Being separated from that person, seeing them build new memories with another person, it's hard not to revisit the good times in your head.

Heck, this isn't only true of former spouses. We do that with old friends who come into our lives from time to time -- there's nothing sadder than running into an old friend from high school and remembering the person you were when you were pals. What's hardest is realizing that person, that version of you, is gone.

My heart goes out to Jennie right now, especially as she faces the first holiday season post-separation.

Anyone have any tips for dealing with watching your ex start dating again? Have you felt the same sting Jennie is talking about?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

I only wish my ex's the best 

Valerie Valle

It's a little weird and sometimes makes my heart sink at the thought of what we once had, but I know that we are never ever ever getting back together. Nor should we!

tuffy... tuffymama

I had to just work more. It was the only thing that kept me from wanting to peel off my own skin. I felt like I was gut punched every day for months. Then it went away. I'll tell you what WON'T work: drinking. Booze prolongs the agony and increases the bad feelings.

AMom29 AMom29

Oh please.  From what I understand, she was upset that he was successful so she wasn't the only famous one in her house.  So she ended the relationship.  Not going for feel sorry for her.  If she really cared about her husband, she'd stay and make it work.

If bothers you that your ex is with someone else, isn't that a sign that it isn't over?

nonmember avatar Liz

From what you understand AMom? And where exactly are you getting all this information? Close with the family are you?

SaphireH SaphireH

good for him, ive never liked Jennie anyways shes a horrible actress and dont like her personality either

Elle Carson

Classy response. Mine would've been downright nasty.

Tyler... TylersMomma313

She's a pretty woman.  She will bounce back with a new love in no time.  We've all been there with a broken heart.  Only someone cold could not have compassion for another human, no matter who they are.  Can't wait to see her come back stronger than ever. 

Mommy... Mommyof3hree

Jennie, I am sorry! I went through the same thing. My husband and I separated and days later he was dating another woman. A lot of things went through my mind, like he left me for her and so on. But I forced the bad out of my head and focused on my kids. Yes I eventually met a man that is now my husband. I know that the same will happen to you! You are a beautiful woman and fantastic mother. I know you will come out of this on top!

Best Wishes!♥

AMom29 AMom29

[Nonmember comment from Liz on Dec 9, 2012 at 9:17 PM

From what you understand AMom? And where exactly are you getting all this information? Close with the family are you?]

It's called reading.  Try it.

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