These Hilarious Hanukkah Songs Will Perk Up Your Holiday Playlist (VIDEOS)


adam sandlerRemember back in the day, when the only Hanukkah songs to sing were "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" and ... I dunno, "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel"? Then Adam Sandler came along with his acoustic guitar and, well, the rest if history. I still remember watching that episode of Saturday Night Live when Sandler debuted "The Hanukkah Song," laughing so hard I was crying -- revolutionary!! In the nearly 20 years since (!!!!), Sandler's ditty has become a classic -- and it's inspired others to get into the Hanukkah parody song act. Check out some of these tunes after the jump -- they totally deserve a spot on your holiday playlist!

"Candlelight" by a capella group The Maccabeats

Sung to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," this gem includes the following lyric: "I throw my latkes in the air sometimes." You're welcome.

"Miracle (The Hanukkah Song)" by Matisyahu

This hilarious video and infectiously catchy song video from Dr. Luke protege Matisyahu adds some holiday history to the fun: "There are so many Christmas songs out there. I wanted to give the Jewish kids something to be proud of," says Matisyahu. "We've got Adam Sandler's song, which is hilarious, but I wanted to try to get across some of the depth and spirituality inherent in the holiday in a fun, celebratory song. My boy Kojak was in town so at the last minute we went into the studio in the spirit of miracles and underdogs and this is what we came up with. Happy Hannukah!"

And now, just because you KNOW you wanna listen to it again, here is Adam Sandler's original performance of "The Hanukkah Song." (My favorite line will always be: "OJ Simpson ... not a Jew."


Still soooo funny!

What's your favorite funny Hanukkah song?


Image via NBC

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javak... javakitty2011

Not Jewsish but I love Sandler's songs. He made a second one.  fun fun


Lovab... LovableNeurotic

Check out Smooth-E he makes tons of hillarious Jewish parodys lol 

DebaLa DebaLa

Nah, Adam Sandler's. Instant classic when he first did it. Still run chills for its genius mix of hilarity and PSA.

Felly... FellyScarlett

I HATE the dreidel song! When I was in Elementary school durring the holidays we'd all sing Christmas songs, and then the dreidel song, just for me. And my classmates were always making fun of me. Love the Adam Sandler song though :)

nonmember avatar Mickey

I’d also add “Hanukkah” by The Manischefits. Their song is a hilarious parody of the Misfits’ classic punk song “Halloween.” Here’s the link:

nonmember avatar drqof

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