New Graphic Notorious B.I.G. Autopsy Report Will Break His Loved Ones’ Hearts a Second Time

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notorious bigIf someone you loved was brutally murdered, would you want to be faced with the grisly details of his death 15 years later? I don't know that I would. Too bad the family of Notorious B.I.G. doesn't have much choice. The 24-year-old rapper's shooting and death is back in the news today with the release of his never-before-seen autopsy report -- and I'm not surprised it's never been seen until now, because it ain't pretty. Of course, we already knew some of the details: Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. Biggie Smalls, was struck four times in a drive-by shooting on Wilshire Boulevard. By the time they got him to the hospital, it was too late. He died on March 9, 1997.

And that's all we need to know -- all we should know. STOP THERE! Leave the rest for his family and the police. Unfortunately, because the entire autopsy report was leaked, we now know too much.

I won't talk about it here, but the report reads like a monologue from CSI (he was murdered, after all). Anyone who feels like it can find out exactly where and how Wallace was shot, what the bullets did to his body, how his life was ended. I can't imagine how his mother feels about that. I can't imagine how any mother would feel about that.

Biggie was just sitting in the passenger seat of a Chevy Suburban at the time, minding his own business, recently-hired bodyguards in the backseat (ironically). He didn't deserve to die. Doesn't he deserve to rest in peace?

Do you think the details of Notorious B.I.G.'s autopsy report should have been made public?

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lasombrs lasombrs

I don't see why 15 years later anyway. Maybe if it was important at the time but I don't see why the need to bring it back up now. Poor family :(


He was shot several times, so when doing an autopsy report it is going to list each and every thing to get to the cause of death,and its going to be graphic. As for it reading like a CSI monologue where do you think producers got the idea?Maybe that freedom of information act thing was the reason it got released now.

Ang9403 Ang9403

Seriously the report is not graphic. Richie Valens an Buddy Hollys report was way more graphic then that.

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