'Mad Men' Season 6 Teasers: Big Changes Are Coming for Don, Betty & Peggy

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megan don hawaiiFor a couple of months now, the only concrete, provable-by-actual-photographic-evidence fact we've known about Mad Men season 6 is that there's going to be some storyline involving clearly still married Megan and Don visiting Hawaii and attending someone's wedding. But now that we're getting closer to the 2013 premiere (buzz is that it'll be in the spring), more juicy details are leaking.

Here, the latest and greatest teasers and news for the next season of what is inarguably the best drama on TV ...

  1. John Slattery will direct not one, but two episodes. After previously directing three episodes during season five, Slattery will direct two more this 'go-round ... in addition to reprising his role as Roger Sterling, of course, according to the Hollywood Reporter. His first ep will start shooting in February.
  2. Jon Hamm will also get behind the camera. But only for one episode so far.
  3. Betty will be back in a big way. No, not a play on words. I have a feeling she'll be slimmed down and not struggling with her weight the way she was in season five. Instead, "January Jones' absence from much of the last season was due to her maternity leave; now that that's over, the series regular is likely to return in a more significant capacity," TV Line reports. Will she try to sabotage Megan and Don's marriage? Have her own marriage come apart at the seams? Torture poor Sally even more? Only time will tell!
  4. Matthew Weiner is still keeping many plot lines under lock and key ... even from cast members! So much so that the creator doesn't even give Hamm or Slattery or any other director much prep time. "You get [the script] a little in advance of when the actors get it, but only for the necessity of preproduction," Slattery explains.
  5. Peggy has returned and she's got a brand new late-'60s style. Fans of Ms. Olson will be relieved to know that Elisabeth Moss was spied on set in character. But her job isn't all that's changed. She's also got a hot new style upgrade everyone's sure to love.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in season 6?


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Samfan97 Samfan97

I'm excited for all of it!! I can't wait for Season 6. I hope they make Betty nicer...she was fine in the beginning and I understand why she became bitter but they made her too nasty. Hopefully nicer Betty can come back.

Frida266 Frida266

Thanks for the awesome spoilers.  Can't wait for Season 6!  Will be very sad when it ends.  

nonmember avatar Bianca

My brother and friend got me hooked on Mad Men--I couldn't stop watching episodes on Netflix and discovered season 5 online! Fantastic show, it is. I want to know more about Peggy, Joan's baby, and Sally and Glen!

nonmember avatar Irene Markoja

I hope that Mad Men's brilliant production team decides not to end the series after the seventh season, when the plotlines presumably enter the early 1970s. Instead, there should be a spinoff that takes Don Draper & Co. into the Disco Decade (how would he handle that fun and funky decade his way?). And, do you think that Megan will get pregnant in the sixth or seventh season, derailing her acting career at least temporarily? If that happens, I would suggest such trendy 1960s-early 1970s names as Jennifer and Kimberley if she's a girl, Scott or David if he's a boy. Can't wait for Season Six and beyond - I love this show!

nonmember avatar sydney

hey bianca, I recently finished all the seasons on netflix and am dying to watch season five, what was the website you found it on? =)

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