Chris Brown & Rihanna’s Grammy Lovefest Sounds Like a Fairytale Happy Ending Come True

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Chris Brown RihannaThe exact nature of their relationship may be "Nobody's Business," but who can deny the powerful, romantic appeal of Chris Brown and Rihanna? After all, their story is one for the ages: overcoming diversity, holding their heads high in the face of criticism, and creating art from their mutual attraction. When I read lyrics like "Every touch becomes infectious / Let's make out in this Lexus", I can't help but well up with tears at the emotions so eloquently expressed.

Their bond has been so beautifully documented lately -- Rihanna straddling Brown on a couch, Brown with a roll-up smoke next to a lounging Rihanna clad only in bra and underwear -- and for the millions of fans pulling for this couple to make it, the news gets even better. According to widespread rumor, Chris Brown and Rihanna will make an even more public statement of their rekindled devotion: by attending the Grammys together in February.

Oh, it's all just so wonderful I can hardly stand it. CHRIANNA 4EVA.

According to a source, music's hottest power couple are planning to be on -- and in -- each other's arms on Grammy night:

That’s what it’s looking like. They already trying to figure that s**t out. Rihanna wants to go together and he’s on board. Ain’t no hiding nothing anymore, all they s**t out and in the open.

All they shit out in the open indeed. Why continue to be coy? It's not like they're doing it to create publicity and sell more albums -- their love is obviously too pure for that. There are even rumors that there's a Chris Brown/Rihanna wedding in the works, which only seems like a natural progression of their healthy relationship. Just think of the amazing stories they'll have to share with their children someday! "When a Daddy loves a Mommy very, very much, and he punches her in the face many, many times ..."

Not only are the lovebirds reportedly planning to go public with their love on Grammy night, they're counting on coming home with some gilded gramophones:

They both congratulated each other on their nominations. Rihanna told him, "Don’t trip on anything, you got this" and Chris was like, "Thanks baby, I know." Chris wants her to win just as much as he wants to win.

Of COURSE they'll win! Why wouldn't they? Their scintillating public personas are matched only by their unrivaled musical talent. As Brown himself wrote of a potential destitute existence that didn't include the two of them,

What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?

UNIMAGINABLE. Thank god for Chris Brown and Rihanna, not only for their invaluable musical contributions, but for showing the world that true love conquers all.

Are you breathlessly awaiting the magical moment when these two show up arm in arm at the Grammys?

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purvi... purvislets

I think this is the dumbest thing she could do.  Maybe it's just me, but when a man beats you to the point where your forehead appears to have grown horns I just don't see how you can go back to him.  Maybe he has changed, but to me there are some things that are just unforgivable.  I just wonder what the backlash is going to be when or if it happens again.

Kattey Kattey

I totally thought you were serious at first, then it clicked. Lol, love for the ages indeed.

Cassandra Huber

He will end up killing her because she is too stupid to stay away from him. He hasn't changed, never will. Both of them are nothing but scum of the earth...not what we want our children to look up to.

Donna Plumley Brubach

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown.  How stupid can you be.


nonmember avatar MommyOfFour

I really dont see why their relationship should bother anyone else. Its their business and their consenting adults. We know neither of them personally; so why so many people care?

Austin Keenan

His recent twitter rant against some woman suggests he hasn't changed. He clearly has anger management problem that still gets the best of him.

 But but but he'll never go off on her again now that he realizes how much she really means to him.... and and and no amount of true love will keep her from walking if he does it again....    vomit      


DebaLa DebaLa

Haha, thanks for the laugh, LInda. Oh, she must like 'pencil' ones too. ;)

nonmember avatar A

I have absolutely no respect for her or this relationship. This is not a beautiful or romantic love story. He beat the s*** out of her because she was questioning him about a text from an old girlfriend. This wasn't just a pysh or shove (which is bad enough by the way). she was black and blue with her eyes swollen shut. Not only is he a domestic abuser, he's an a****** who throws temper tantrums. Remember him throwing a chair out of the window?? He's a jerk and she's a terrible role model for all women and young girls especially. And anybody who romanticizes this story is off their rocker.

nonmember avatar kaerae

These two repulse me, I hope they don't breed.

nonmember avatar Res

He's an abusive a-hole and she's an idiot. No respect for either one of them. #worserolemodels

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