Brandi Glanville Says LeAnn Rimes War Will Now Be Kept Private -- BAHAHAHA!

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brandi glanvilleA few days ago, I was a card-carrying member of Team Brandi Glanville. In fact, I was actually in talks to be the president of her fan club. But I'm resigning. I'm handing over my card, and inquiring as to whether or not I can get my membership fees back. Because I'm over Brandi.

You know how this week, there's been an all-out Twitter war between Brandi and LeAnn Rimes, because of a comment LeAnn made about Brandi's kids? (She called them "my boys".) Much of the war, understandably, has been fueled by Brandi -- Brandi's called LeAnn a sociopath; she's said Eddie will eventually leave her; and accused LeAnn of taking laxatives. Well, now Brandi's saying that she no longer wants to fight with LeAnn in public.

I think if the phrase "a day late and a dollar short" was ever appropriate, now would be that time.

Brandi told Us Weekly the following:

My intention has always been to take care of my children and tend to their well-being. I don't have communication with [Eddie and LeAnn] because I don't get responses when I reach out. I only get responses when I put it on Twitter. Twitter seems to work. I have not, and do not, wish to engage in a battle fought through the media. My hope is that now that I have my ex-husband’s attention, I also can get his and his wife’s commitment to work with me to co-parent our children in a most loving, safe and supportive fashion.

Okay, well, you have engaged in a battle fought through the media -- and you just said you reach out to them via Twitter!

I don't doubt that Brandi's in an extremely frustrating position -- and that she has her children's best interests in mind. But to try to all of a sudden act like she's totally above airing her dirty laundry is ridiculous. She's writing a book about her divorce, for crissake! And she talks about Eddie and LeAnn on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all the time. I get that it's her life, and what she's going through, but it's obvious there's a small (or big?) part of her that loves the attention.

Do you think Brandi likes the media attention?

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ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Well damn she can't win. You jump on her for making things public and then for regretting it and trying to stop. You have obviously never had people try to screw with you through your kids. It takes a lot of self control not to go off and sometimes when you do it takes even more to stop.

Rhonda Johnson Lowery

what Brandi needs to do is leave the RHOBH, and focus on getting her life back together, focus on being a CO parent, because there is another woman in her children's life and she needs to get over herself and her holier than thou attitude. This should have never been aired publicly in the first place, if she had a problem with LeAnn, she should have gone to her and hashed it out face to face and not be a teenager and post it on a public forum.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

She should not make money to buy a house for her kids. She can't sleep with leann for for financial support, eddie's already doing that. Co parenting with the mentally disturbed people is not easy. Leann exploits the children on twitter all day long.

Rhonda Johnson Lowery

She could get a REAL job and not air her dirty laundry for all the world PLUS her kids to see.  

katzc... katzcrazeekatz

Couldn't agree with you more Rhonda. She is a beautiful, talented woman who constantly engages Leanne in this tiring dribble in Twitter.There  is so much more she could be doing to better the world for her children and herself if she truly cared. Ms. Rimes is obviously off kilter in many ways and her instability shows in her tweets and rants. Co-parenting must be difficult for any set of parents, but far more difficult in the limelight. Her boys are old enough to see and understand everything that's occurring.

Joanne Hester

I am sure a real job will not  bring the money she is being  paid on real housewives. This is a good opportunity for her and it provides a nice income for her children as well. Brandi could make this be a steping stone like Nene and a few other housewives have.  I agree with Iamsoul mom she get criticized not matter what.  This is a difficult situation I am sure Brandi has made a few mistakes she seems like she is trying to do better she has had a lot to contend with.

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