'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum's Wedding Guests Were Furious About the Cash Bar

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ashley j.p. First, we learned all the happy, glossy details about Ashley and J.P.'s December 1 wedding. And that was fun. Now, the news we really want to hear -- about what it was actually like at The Bachelorette couple's "I do"s -- is trickling out, and let's just say the night did NOT go off without a hitch.

One of the biggest snafus: Once ABC stopped filming the couple's wedding at 8 p.m., the open bar closedThe New York Daily News reports. "ABC would only pay for the part they were filming. As the night went on, and production stopped, so did the open bar," says a source. And apparently there had been no post-filming plan for the newlyweds to start picking up the drink tab. Wuhoh ... Thus, guests were suddenly confronted with a cash bar, and they were LIVID. Well ... can you blame 'em?!

I can imagine if this happened to my family and friends or many of my friends' wedding guests, all hell would break loose. It definitely depends on where you live and the culture there, and who your wedding guests are, but where I'm from, people expect an open bar at a wedding. It's a given. And no one cares who is springing for it -- be it the parents of the bride, the bride and groom themselves, or a major TV network -- but they want their free booze and they want it for 3 to 4 hours minimum. That's just the way it is.

When I was hunting down venues for my upcoming wedding, one hotel suggested we keep our budget down by going with a cash bar. Wedding sites like The Knot suggest that all the time, and yes, of course, forgoing a pricey liquor package is definitely one way to keep the total down. It's certainly a smart way to go if you think your guests couldn't care less about drinking, or your wedding is a more low-key, morning or mid-day affair. But if you're going to have a wedding on a Friday or Saturday night and you're inviting people to come PARTY, they're probably going to assume you're footing the bill for the booze.

And in this case, where the wedding was such a high-profile, Hollywood affair, obviously everyone assumed the free drinks were going to flow well past a 5-year-old's bedtime! That said, I'm hoping Ashley and J.P. eventually got the issue resolved for their guests. Because in a case like theirs, expecting guests to cough up for every drink a la carte isn't just a major wedding faux pas -- it's a total buzzkill.

How do you feel about open bar vs. cash bar at a wedding?


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nonmember avatar Cee

Ugh, the entitlement of guests! The wedding is 50% about the bride and groom and 50% about the guests, yet, its the bride and groom paying for 100% of it. They are paying to have their guests comfortable, warm, fed and now completely wasted too? Should the bride wipe your butt while you're in the bathroom? Do guests not understand how expensive just getting a reception is?

I love alcohol as much as the next person, and weddings are a good occasion as any to have a few drinks with friends and family, but what they did was smart. They paid for the first hours, you know, when you have a drink or two. Past eight is when people start loading up like crazy and getting obnoxiously drunk, which I don't think they wanted at their wedding, or to worry about their guests driving back home drunk.

Elise48 Elise48

Cash bars are just rude. Would you throw a party at your house and expect the guests to pay for their drinks? A wedding is a PARTY that you are HOSTING for your gests. If you can't afford the alcohol tab then don't serve any at all.

Justine Corcoran

i say quit crying about it, i'm sure most of the people who were invited can afford to by their own drinks..they were supposed to be there to support the newly weds right? not to get drunk! shut the heck up by your own crap!

pezch... pezcharlotte

If you are going to serve alcohol it should be open bar.  If you are not going to serve alcohol fine then don't serve it. A gues should not have to bring their wallet to a wedding. They are a guest.  If you cannot afford an open bar, then you do a wine choice or something like that. This is also partially a regional issue. In some parts of the country you would just never have an cash bar.

nonmember avatar Guest

All they could afford was a few hours of open bar???? Can you read abc paid for the open bar & who exactly paid for her $145,000 dress


As a rule you do what you can afford ,but I think ABC looks pretty skeevy on this one. I don't think guests would have had a problem paying if that was how it was from the onset ,but you know these people were not footing the bill so it does look tacky and cheap on ABC.

Brenda Shealy

Actually, it looks very cheap of ABC. They give a couple that was a part of their show and brought in ratings and offer to pay for their wedding. They then get more ratings cause everyone will want to see the wedding on TV. Then close the bar! Very CHEAP ABC! It wasn't Ashley and JP that had a part of it. It was ABC that was watching their $$$. Thumbs down to ABC! Very tacky indeed!

nonmember avatar SUZ


clemmy clemmy

oh noooo, rich people having to pay for their own booze??? what is the world coming to?? *facepalm*

Cassandra Huber

REALLY??? Whining about not getting free alcohol?? Why do you feel the need to go to a wedding and get drunk on someone else's dime?? That is selfish in itself, and those who whine are more than likely an alcoholic, as normal drinkers could care less about an open bar. I do not drink anymore personally (I grew up), and had my wedding with my husband been a big one instead of a private courthouse ceremony, I would have had it be alcohol-free.

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