'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum's Wedding Guests Were Furious About the Cash Bar

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ashley j.p. First, we learned all the happy, glossy details about Ashley and J.P.'s December 1 wedding. And that was fun. Now, the news we really want to hear -- about what it was actually like at The Bachelorette couple's "I do"s -- is trickling out, and let's just say the night did NOT go off without a hitch.

One of the biggest snafus: Once ABC stopped filming the couple's wedding at 8 p.m., the open bar closedThe New York Daily News reports. "ABC would only pay for the part they were filming. As the night went on, and production stopped, so did the open bar," says a source. And apparently there had been no post-filming plan for the newlyweds to start picking up the drink tab. Wuhoh ... Thus, guests were suddenly confronted with a cash bar, and they were LIVID. Well ... can you blame 'em?!

I can imagine if this happened to my family and friends or many of my friends' wedding guests, all hell would break loose. It definitely depends on where you live and the culture there, and who your wedding guests are, but where I'm from, people expect an open bar at a wedding. It's a given. And no one cares who is springing for it -- be it the parents of the bride, the bride and groom themselves, or a major TV network -- but they want their free booze and they want it for 3 to 4 hours minimum. That's just the way it is.

When I was hunting down venues for my upcoming wedding, one hotel suggested we keep our budget down by going with a cash bar. Wedding sites like The Knot suggest that all the time, and yes, of course, forgoing a pricey liquor package is definitely one way to keep the total down. It's certainly a smart way to go if you think your guests couldn't care less about drinking, or your wedding is a more low-key, morning or mid-day affair. But if you're going to have a wedding on a Friday or Saturday night and you're inviting people to come PARTY, they're probably going to assume you're footing the bill for the booze.

And in this case, where the wedding was such a high-profile, Hollywood affair, obviously everyone assumed the free drinks were going to flow well past a 5-year-old's bedtime! That said, I'm hoping Ashley and J.P. eventually got the issue resolved for their guests. Because in a case like theirs, expecting guests to cough up for every drink a la carte isn't just a major wedding faux pas -- it's a total buzzkill.

How do you feel about open bar vs. cash bar at a wedding?


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silve... silverdawn99

so people were whining because they had to pay for their liquer? How horrible!!! same on the bride and groom for not wanting to feed alcholics and shame on them for sticking to a budget

nonmember avatar Guest

Cash bars are tacky, if you can't afford to treat your GUESTS invite less of them

nonmember avatar Kre

no kidding! stop the whining! It's not uncommon to have a cash bar at all! Get over it! They should be happy for the free booze they did get! Ungrateful!

Flori... Floridamom96

I don't understand the drinking at a wedding thing at all.

Kelly Grossman

I agree. You are there to celebrate two people who are committing to spend their lives together. Why are people so whiny and selfish because they did not get their free alcohol?

mommy... mommytojack0524

It's too bad people can't have fun without endless alcohol flowing...

nonmember avatar Diana

It depends where you are from. I've been to 2 weddings in my life that had a partial open bar (open bar for an hour then a cash bar). Every other wedding I've been to had only a cash bar. It's pretty expected.

Weddings are expensive enough without having to pay for people's liquor too.

Also, to me, an open bar encourages people to drink too much. If the liquor is free, people are inclined to drink more than they would if they were paying for it themselves.

nonmember avatar Beth

I'm getting married in oct of next year and I'm having a cash bar, I'm perfectly fine with that,plus my venue will tell the guests that they've had enough to drink and will cut them off

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I think it's pretty selfish to assume there is gonna be an open bar at a wedding. It depends on what the families can afford. They were on bachelorette not in major movies. They are not superstars with lots of money. And even if they were its not their responsibility to get everyone drunk.

Karen Adkins-Fleener

It's a celebration not a party, maybe a glass of wine or a beer at dinner that's all.  Being responsible for people getting drunk is not a good idea.

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