'Glee' Recap: The Hottest Couples Are Now ... Who, Exactly?

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Chris Colfer Glee Gleeks! Did you watch the same episode I did tonight? The Swan Song episode? Did we really see Glee club almost fall apart? And get all the answers to the "are our favorite couples getting back together" questions we've been waiting for?

Even if all the answers weren't exactly the ones we thought we wanted (who saw Sam coming out of nowhere? Not me!), let me just say it. The writers just threw us one squirrelly curve ball ... or maybe a few.

First up, let's talk about the biggie. The New Directions lost Sectionals for the first time EVER. 'Memba Marley passing out onstage before the group finished singing last week? Turns out you can't exactly win a competition you don't complete ... not even on Glee.

But this little dose of reality pretty much means Glee club is kaput, at least for the rest of the year. They have no chance of getting to regionals; forget nationals. Technically, they are done until next year. That means no more choir room; Finn had to scrounge up some random space for hanging out and singing just for the sake of singing (after he reminded the New Directions that they actually really enjoy singing after all).

And SPEAKING OF done, I guess we have our answers on all the major Glee couples now, don't we?

Brittana: I thought these girls might actually have a shot of getting back together one day down the line, but it looks like 'ol Trouty Mouth has been crushing on Brittany for a long time. Now that Santana is officially out of the picture (even if she's still hanging around Lima and telling off bitchy Kitty for trying to bully Marley into bulimia), he's moved in. I didn't want to love these two together. But I gotta say there's something adorable about the show's two most dim-witted characters getting all cuddly. I'm still struggling on nicknames here though. Sattany? Brittam? It may take awhile, but we'll get one.

Finchel: We knew they were over, but when Brody slept with Cassie July there was that slim possibility that Rachel Berry might go running back into the arms of her first love. Not anymore. She had her big night at the NYADA showcase -- the first freshman to be invited in years -- and Brody wasn't just by her side, he was there to kiss her and hold her hand and act very much the boyfriend. It would all be easier if Finn weren't left in Lima to morph into an old man so quickly; he needs a relationship, stat!

Klaine: I know, I know, we have been promised that these two are going to work toward some kind of happily ever after. But Kurt nailed his impromptu NYADA audition, and he got in. At best we are only going to get more long distance lovin' for these two lovebirds. Is that what we really want? Or is it time to accept Blaine needs someone back home to play his superhero sidekick?

What do you think of the new directions for all your favorite New Directions couples? Are Brittany and Sam going to be a new favorite? Any suggestions for a flame for Finn?


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Venae Venae

I missed the last two episodes intentionally - I have finally quit Glee.  Used to be such a great little show - now it's just ridiculous.

When the cafeteria lady's kid was "getting too fat" for her costume, but her regular clothes still fit and she thought she was gaining weight - that was just stupid. 

My daughter keeps pointing out that Blaine used to be a senior yet for some reason is still in school as an underclassman.

And what's w/all the graduates hanging around the high school?  Lame.

Just can't do it anymore.

nonmember avatar Avery

I felt very offended by Brittany's 'meta' comment. Lesbians don't hate Sam, and we don't hate Brittany for dating a guy, she's bisexual and that's great! What is sad is Glee's blatant double standards. When she was dating Santana Britt was mute or just talking about bul testicles and sex tapes. Now that she's with Sam she all of a sudden has a real voice and is allowed to have real conversations and show emotions to her loved one, something we never got to see last year, not even when Santana was outed... But the media will never call Glee out on this, instead they'll applaud Glee's 'humoristic' meta commentary to the fans...

nonmember avatar kay

Re Kurt and Blaine will probably decide to be friends for now and explore their options with Kurt in new York and Blaine in Ohio. After Blaine graduates he can decide to move to new York if that is where he wants to go. If they decide that they are meant to be together then so be it. I just want them to be happy.

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