Demi Moore Needs to Realize She’s the Lame College Kid at the High School Party (PHOTO)

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It's official: Demi Moore thinks she's 25 years old. If her marriage to man-child Ashton Kutcher, her insane amount of youth-preserving plastic surgery, her foray into the teenage drug whip-its, and her new 26-year-old boyfriend didn't tip you off, these photos of Demi Moore's wild night in Miami sure will. The 50-year-old actress was caught dancing her face off in a mini jumpsuit celebrating Art Basel, and from looking at the pictures, you can't help but cringe a little. I mean, one glimpse of Lenny Kravitz's less-than-amused face says it all.

It's just awkward. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but it just is.

It's kind of like when a college student shows up to a high school party. It's not that they're unwelcome, or don't share the common interest of getting drunk and having a good time in a basement, it's just that you sort of expect the college kid to have better things to do. You expect that they've graduated from the high school kind of fun and have found other, more mature interests to pursue, like drinking above ground, with peers, in public.

It's time Demi move on. She needs to stop being the proverbial 22-year-old who's someone's date at the prom.

Maybe a good rule of thumb for her would be asking herself, WWRD? What would Rumor do? If her 24-year-old daughter would do whatever Demi's thinking of doing, then maybe Demi should dial it back. 

Because, if she doesn't, the next thing you know she's Trip McNeely sitting on a swing, talking to Mike Dexter about how stupid adults only want to talk about world issues and "ecomological" crap.

It's just starting to get a little sad face.

Do you think Demi needs to grow up, or, it's cool! Grrl just having fun!


Photo via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Paula

While I think this woman clearly has issues, you can see from the picture that Bruce Springsteen was there as well. She was not the oldest celeb in attendance at the party. Nothing wrong with a 50yr old woman having fun and dancing at a party. As far as dating 26yr olds? Well nobody batted an eye about it when it was Jack Nicholson was doing it.

DebaLa DebaLa

True. ^ No one bats an eye when dudes in Depends show up for drinks and parties. Let foolishness have the benefit of equal opportunity, and let them figure it out all by themselves. I have yet to meet a recent divorcé(e) that doesn't go around the bend for awhile 'til they snap out of their fugue and move on.

missy... missybest

I just feel pity for her.  For some reason this woman seems to need to re-live her twenties - over and over and over!  She lives in the past and cannot move forward in life.  People need to move forward and live the life you can at each different age.  I am 62 and "grandma" stage is fun.  If you accept and enjoy you become far more gracious, happier, great for others to be around, and live in peace in your own life.  I don't mean I am in a rocker.  However, I love doing for my family and just enjoying life.  I am also at an age where I am enjoying learning and doing more in my life than I had before - too busy raising kids!  Her choice to do what she is doing and she has the money to be a "twit" and accomplish nothing.  What a very shallow life she must be living, however.  Not my business, but I am certainly not envious of a person like that.  I feel pity for her.

Momma... Mommagreenspin

THANK YOU for the Can't Hardly Wait reference! Haha, loved it.

genny... gennyjames

Stop let Demi live her life....@ 50 i hope o look like that....GO COUGAR

Rache... RachelKoch

I don't think Lenny Kravitz ever really looks happy in photos.

cdjak cdjak

Why is it anyone's business what kind of parties Demi goes to, and why should it matter to her what anyone thinks of how she lives her life. She has enough money to do what she likes. I don't have to agree with her lifestyle. 

belly... bellygirl

She's trying too hard at it and it makes her look sad and desperate.  I think the worst is the 26 year old boyfriend.  I don't understand why she would put herself out there like that, yet again.  She'll be humiliated when he cheats on her with a girl his age.  I don't understand why she dates such younger men; it would only make me feel old.  I mean she's dating someone that she could be a mother to.  I would think a handsome, well together, good looking older man would be more enticing than a man-child.  It's actually very sad and pathetic.  She should think more of her children. 

Nellie Athome

I am no fan of Demi's but

A. anyone of ay age can be caught in an awkward pose while dancing

B. if she wants do dance there is nothing wrong with that

C. it is strange that people see a 50 year old man with a 26 year old woman and say "good for him" but if it is a 50 year old woman with a 26 year old man it is creepy - Double standard much guys?

D. I think most people, like the author of this article,  pick on Demi because they are jealous of her

rache... rachel499

Is that andy williams with his hand up in the bottom corner of the photo?

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