Demi Moore Needs to Realize She’s the Lame College Kid at the High School Party (PHOTO)

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It's official: Demi Moore thinks she's 25 years old. If her marriage to man-child Ashton Kutcher, her insane amount of youth-preserving plastic surgery, her foray into the teenage drug whip-its, and her new 26-year-old boyfriend didn't tip you off, these photos of Demi Moore's wild night in Miami sure will. The 50-year-old actress was caught dancing her face off in a mini jumpsuit celebrating Art Basel, and from looking at the pictures, you can't help but cringe a little. I mean, one glimpse of Lenny Kravitz's less-than-amused face says it all.

It's just awkward. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but it just is.

It's kind of like when a college student shows up to a high school party. It's not that they're unwelcome, or don't share the common interest of getting drunk and having a good time in a basement, it's just that you sort of expect the college kid to have better things to do. You expect that they've graduated from the high school kind of fun and have found other, more mature interests to pursue, like drinking above ground, with peers, in public.

It's time Demi move on. She needs to stop being the proverbial 22-year-old who's someone's date at the prom.

Maybe a good rule of thumb for her would be asking herself, WWRD? What would Rumor do? If her 24-year-old daughter would do whatever Demi's thinking of doing, then maybe Demi should dial it back. 

Because, if she doesn't, the next thing you know she's Trip McNeely sitting on a swing, talking to Mike Dexter about how stupid adults only want to talk about world issues and "ecomological" crap.

It's just starting to get a little sad face.

Do you think Demi needs to grow up, or, it's cool! Grrl just having fun!


Photo via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Patty

I'm sorry, but I dont see a problem with Demi out partying & dancing as she pleases! I also dont see a problem with her dating younger men, if she is attracted to them & they to her, It's no one elses buisness. Men have been dating much younger women forever & it's no big deal. it shouldnt be a big deal if women do it too!! I am over 50 years old, but I dont feel like I should be sitting in a rocking chair knitting. I like to have fun just as much anyone else, no matter what age I am.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

In this picture, I actually get the impression that whatever Demi is doing with her arms all akimbo like that, she's doing it to tease or embarass Lenny Kravitz, like he just said, "Remember when we went to ________ and you got all crazy and were dancing on the tables?" and she said, "Oh!  Like this?!" just to make him laugh.  No one else looks like it's dancing time?

(Of course, I say this only because this is a favorite pastime of mine when I'm out with my 23 yo niece...she starts bopping to a song and I immediately go into 'finger pointing dance mode' a la John Travolta.  It's great fun! :D)

nonmember avatar Cherie

I think its fine for her to do her. Im a 40 year old woman married to a 26 year old man. People can't help who they fall in love with or who they're attracted to. And even though i resisted the advances of my husband beforehand he was patient but persistent in his efforts to date me. Its going on 2 months of wedded bliss and I thank God every day for him. And who hasn't got caught in a funky pose when dancing?

pupuk... pupukeawahine

haha, I thought that was Andy Williams ghost (he just passed) too, Rachel!  That really says how old I am.

nonmember avatar Bamalady

This article shows the immaturity of the author. Firstly, a woman, no matter what her age, can damn well dance if she wants to. It's not like she's at a kegger. You mention Lenny Kravitz, a man who dates "women" barely out of their teens, but that's OK, I guess. And to the person who suggested she find an older man, why should she? She is beautiful, rich, famous and doing what she wants. We should all be so lucky. Most men won't date women their own ages, much less an older woman, but we are expected to settle. Enough with this sexist double standard. It is disgusting and incredibly harmful when we women put expiration dates on each other. Enough!!!

Casey Corey

Lol she's just dancing, Jesus.

nonmember avatar Bonnie Blue

Seems like manic behaviour driven by Red Bull, or something worse. Sad, embarrassing, and inappropriate - the other partiers all had the comment 'she had mor efun than anyone else at the party' which sounds like a polite defense. Poor Demi needs a therapist, STAT.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Better to dance than cry.  At least she's out there trying to have fun--I'd say it's cathartic.  I'm an older woman who occasionally gets down.  Soon you'll be "older" too, and wonder why suddenly you're supposed to act like a granny.

curly... curlygirl31

If you all were 50yrs old and looked that good you would want to dance too.

expat... expatalfa

Lenny Kravitz, although phenomenally good to look at, is so up his own ass it makes him unsexy. I mean seriously, he's not even cracking a smile. My only comment to Demi would be to avoid such short shorts but as far as the goofiness? You go girl!

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