'DWTS' Winners Melissa & Tony May Have 'Cheated' Their Way to the Top

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Melissa Rycroft & Tony DovolaniOMG. Say. It. Isn't. So! Get ready for a real downer, Dancing With the Stars fans -- because there is new speculation that Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani's DWTS win may have been fixed, which would mean they kind of "cheated" their way to the mirror ball trophy and votes from viewers had nothing to do with it.

According to a new report from Star, the senior producer of Dancing With the Stars "just happens to be Tony and Melissa's manager". (Ba-dum-bum.)

And sure, if the senior producer really is their manager, it doesn't necessarily mean he influenced the outcome of the show in any way. But considering there have been other claims, like Hope Solo's accusations, about Dancing With the Stars being fake, fixed, or both -- his link to Melissa and Tony certainly doesn't do anything to help discredit the rumors.

Ugh! This is so frustrating, ins't it? Because if this story is true and Melissa and Tony really only won the All-Star season basically because they cheated -- in the sense that they were going to win from the get-go regardless of how the show played out -- then it pretty much ruins any future seasons of DWTS from this point forward.

I mean, how are we supposed to watch, root, and vote for our favorite contestants if the show is "scripted" as to who goes home each week and who makes it to the end? It takes all the fun and, honestly, all the competition out of the entire season, which really, really sucks.

But if the producer really did hand Melissa and Tony the win, then a couple other aspects of the show make a lot more sense now. Most viewers thought Shawn Johnson had the whole thing in the bag and were pretty shocked when Melissa was announced as the winner.

And personally, I think Kelly and Val should've taken the mirror ball trophy, because out of all three finalists, they were the most raw and authentic. They didn't resort to a bunch of fancy lifts and tricks in order to get ahead, they simply danced, which is what the whole show is supposed to be about in the first place.

What do you think about this rumor? Was Melissa and Tony's win fair, or fixed?


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Lacys' Links'

Sabrina shoulda won anyway...everythings f!xed"

Doris Storlien

I have my doubts that it is rigged.  I thought all three of the finalists could have won.  Tony and Melissa were awfully good.  Don't believe it,  no way.

MaryKay Buckland

Give me a break...I really do know better than take time readig this stuff...really...REALLY!

Trish Rawlings

This is nothing but speculation and makes not sense if you are a fan of the show and watch it.  Why hasn't Tony won the trophy before??  This is the first time in what is it 14 seasons??  He should have been the front runner in all seasons if that was the case.  Also, Melissa didn't win before she came in second place. So all this stuff is just CRAP!!  

Do you work for the Enquire?


Trish Rawlings

I just wanted to add another comment, as for Hope Solo, I don't think I would stand up for any of her comments, look who she married, a convicted felon.  She maybe an olympian, but she is certainly not in the same class as Shawn who is classy even if she is young.  Hope is just a sore loser....HOPE YOU CAN'T WIN ALL THE TIME!!!

Darlene Danna

I , along with many many others were voting for Shawn and Derek as they were definitely the best all round and they definitely should have won the all stars as there should have been no holes barred...its the all stars..people get tired of seeing the same old thing each week and Shawn n Derek did in fact bring new and exciting things to the dance floor.... and Shawn never ever made any mistakes either time she was on the show...each person brings their own strength and should always play to their own strengths...i believe people felt sorry for Tony as he has never won before and is a great guy who decided even though his fam was involved in hurricane Sandy, he still stayed...but i know for a fact..just with all the people that i know who voted.. Shawn and Derek were prominent!! Tony n Melissa were great but they definitely did not compare to Shawn n Derek.. Shawn never had to be one to improve each week either, she was great the whole season thru both season 8 and this season as well..and like i said...all stars..shoulda definitely went to Shawn Johnson no doubt!! and that's the Gods honest truth!! and if it was rigged for whatever reason, then whomever is making these choices , when indeed it should be up to the fans/viewers, then Karma will eventually take hold and there will No Longer be a DWTS!!! and thats just how it goes.....Shawn was in NO way second to NONE!!!

Patty Harrison

I don't think that the rumors are true, Tony and Melissa were great dancers, and who in the world would believe in what Star magazine says it is a load of crap just like what is said in the Enquirer.


Debbie Niemczyk

Don't think Melissa and Tony "cheated", they were terrific! Talented. Shawn just did gymnastics, Kelly and Val should have/could have won, also, they danced fantastic. I think the voting should be changed 'cause people are just voting for their favorites, not the dancer who is doing the best Ball Room Dancing.

toady07 toady07

my thought is -- none of the former winners should have been in it at all -- I feel that way about all 'All stars" shows tho. They all ready had their win - so I'm glad it went to someone who had not won before

Bobbi Potter

Star is one of the worst rags on the market. Try checking the facts at GossipCop.com.

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