'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband Charged With Felony Hours Before Wedding -- AWESOME

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Jenelle EvansTeen Mom Jenelle Evan's sudden marriage to Courtland Rogers may have seemed out of the blue, but actually he, like, TOTALLY had a legit reason for wanting to tie the knot fast -- he has just been charged with a felony moments before. Say what?!

If that doesn't make any sense to you (and it really doesn't), then you can imagine my shock, too. He claims he is innocent, natch. But his troubles with the law seem far from over. He was charged with a felony for obtaining property by false pretenses. Swell. 

Like husband, like wife. Sigh. These two make quite the pair in and out of jail and trouble with the law. They are like Bonnie and Clyde only less cool, especially when you consider that they both have children. Oh yes. Rogers is a daddy.

Apparently, on top of their criminal records, they also have single parenthood in common, though neither one of them is exactly living with their kid.

Rogers is in some war with his "baby momma" and his daughter JaJa is paying the price (an aside: Will Jace and JaJa be confusing?). These two seem tailor made for one another.

Unfortunately, this is a situation where REAL children are involved and they will be REALLY hurt by their parents. Rogers claims to be clean and sober and I want to believe him, but Jenelle's track record is not so good.

Why could she not have picked a better man? She is a pretty girl. She seems smart and at least somewhat savvy. She IS capable of knowing right from wrong. You can't tell me that there was NO man better than Rogers who she could have married.

Alas, I would bet $300 she will be pregnant in a few months (if she isn't already) and this vicious cycle will continue. Mark my words: Three months from now, you will read my post on a Twitter war between her and Rogers, talking about the money he owes their yet-unborn fetus. Sigh. We all know where this is going, alas.

Do you think Jenelle's future is bright?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

anything is possible, and sure, she could turn her life around. but just because it's possible doesn't mean it's probable. 

nonmember avatar Metalmom

She probably couldn't pay anyone to marry her besides courtland...just saying.

Ronni Gonnella

It's alot easier to turn your life around when you are making a MTV salary.   But that doesn't mean she will.

Emily Sloane

well if she decices this is what she wants to do then so be it. and dont say fetus say baby. the baby would not be eating her.

Jen Smith


Mikaela Shea

How the hell does she seem smart? She smokes weed on probation, skipped probation meetings, passed up 14 days in jail so she could go to Ke$ha, dates losers, doesn't take care of her child, treats her mom like shit, etc. Not smart at all.

Lucy Delfi

every one stop judging nobody is prefect in this World,

mzpri... mzprincessreina

nobody is perfect that is true but when you choose to live your life like crap in front of millions of people, your asking to judged.

Karen Suzanne

My words exactly mzprincessrenia, she chose to be on TV for millions of people to watch her, if she didn't want to be judged then she should have kept her business to herself. She isn't even trying to change her ways, and that is very clear, with her blatant disregard for the law, her mother and her son. Watching that poor little boy crying Mommy on the last show broke my heart, how can any mother walk away from her son when he is crying for her like that? Only a cold hearted bitch could do that. I hope she never gets Jace back and god forbid, I hope God never lets her procreate another child as long as she lives, she cant take care of herself let alone a child.

Debi Ramos

Karen Suzanne, she can't take care of herself because she does not want to.  She makes me so angry I want to reach through the TV and bitch slap her.  I'm sick to death of hearing her cry about anything and everything.  I guess when she watches the show, she thinks people feel bad for her and understand her tears.  The sound of her crying is like nails on a chalkboard.

I feel bad for her mom. We love our children even when they turn out to be total losers.  I wish her mom would do what is required.  Get sole custody of Jake. Not allow Jennelle in her home or around Jake.  Jake does not need to be witness to Jenelle behavior. The only time Jenelle should be able to see that child - is during supervised visits at DHS (or whatever it is called).  She is mentally and emotionally harming that child. If it takes DHS laying down the rules to Jenell's mom then so be it. That is not a stable home environment for Jake and it never will as long as Jenella is allowed there.

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