'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Bashes Rihanna, a Celeb With Actual Talent

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farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham, a woman famous for getting pregnant as a teenager, has gone and bashed a legitimate celebrity. Rihanna. I know. The nerve. During the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the Teen Mom star took to everybody's favorite vessel for talking crap, Twitter, to make some low-blows at the pop star and her performance at the show. I mean, Rihanna may not be your favorite celeb in the world, but she is famous for having a legitimate talent. Farrah? Not so much. And it wouldn't have even been that big of a deal -- people talk smack online constantly -- but what Farrah said was bad.

Farrah's tweet read: "Downer Rihanna singing @#VSFashionshow that just made the show cheaper, why isn't she wearing diamonds?"

"Downer"? "Cheap"? Jeez, Farrah, what did Rihanna ever do to you? Nothing. Which is exactly why this tweet is suspicious to me ...

See, a way for celebrities who aren't really famous (Real Housewives, Bachelor contestants, Jersey Shore castmembers) to stay in the media is to trash other celebrities -- usually via Twitter. Everyone loves controversy, right? And you'd be hard-pressed to find a better celeb to bash on twitter than Rihanna since she pretty much always tweets back -- even to random people.

Rihanna hasn't tweeted back to Farrah, though, so if that was her intention, looks like it backfired. And if it wasn't -- well, Farrah, that was just mean.

Do you think Farrah was bashing Rihanna to get publicity?

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kelti... kelticmom

I don't like Farrah, but I have to agree. For starters, while I don't believe that teenagers should be watching the Victoria's Secret show - Rihanna is a TERRIBLE role model for young girls. To go back to a man that beat you so horribly? After he was prosecuted, your picture of your bruised, bloody, swollen face available to the public? It's her own life, but I think any sponsers would do good to drop her immediately if she is really back with that scumbag. To still endorse her says to all her young fans, "hey, it's ok to go back to a man who beats and chokes and bites you, as long as he says "I'm sorry"." Secondly, I agree. The show is supposed to be glamorous and Rihanna is just.....how shall I put this? Um, skanky. Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Taylor Miller

Neither one of these girls are the best role models in my opinion. Rhianna goes back to her abusive boyfriend and Farrah acts like a spoiled brat...

dirti... dirtiekittie

it was all just a misunderstanding. what Farrah meant to tweet was:

"hey, i'm looking for attention since nobody is talking about me very much right now! i'm going to talk trash about people the american public actually knows as a mainstream artist to make them pay attention to me! isn't anybody interested in meeeeeeeee? MICHAEL! TELL THEM TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! and omg, i'm not all poor and broke like other teen moms. where's her jewelry? if i were rihanna singing about diamonds i would ACTUALLY WEAR THEM. SHE IS SO TACKY. how can i make sure everyone knows i was at the VS fashion show since the paparazzi isn't taking pictures of me? MICHAEL!!!! ARE THEY PAYING ATTENTION YET??!!"

of course, it was more than 140 characters, so she had to condense. please, carry on. 

Lauma Unifairy

I actually quite agree with kelticmom...

And I`m sure many people like Rhianna but I don`t find her much talented or basically anything special besides super skanky and just blown up by the media...

Lauma Unifairy

*Rihanna ... can`t spell xD

nonmember avatar Anna

Wow. Your pretty judgemental of other people aren't you? You act like you were with Rihanna when she was beaten by Chris Brown. Furthermore, people make mistakes and can better themselves because of them. I'm not a fan of either of these ladies really, but if doing what they are doing is making them happy then so be it. But to say her "sponsors" should drop her? Seriously? That's ridiculous. Maybe you shouldn't be so judging of others. I'm almost positive your not perfect.

nonmember avatar jenn

If it was anyone else not in the eyes of fans or followers this comment wouldn't even matter or be on here. I think the media makes to much of a big deal about whatever they say and makes them seem "famous" .

nonmember avatar NavyWife

Probably. She has to stay relevant somehow now that her time on Teen Mom is done. The coat she's wearing in the picture is HIDEOUS.

Mandi Turner

She has no room to talk what kind of role model is farrah lol teen mom haha she needs to grow up and treat her parents with respect. Hope her kid don't grow up treating her like that!

nonmember avatar Jasmine

So people can't post what they think anymore? How many times have we all posted something like this on our own FB pages or Twitter? Yes Farrah is, unlike us, in the 'spotlight' so it's different, but why are we acting like this is a big ordeal? And her tweet wasn't even that bad...come on

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