Eminem's Daughter Can't Call Taylor Swift a 'Whore' No Matter How Annoying She Is

taylor swiftNothing against the girl, but Taylor Swift gets on my last nerve. So when I heard that Eminem's 16-year-old daughter Hailie Scott Mathers was talking smack about the singer on Twitter for hooking up with that kid from One Direction, I was like: Awww yeah! 'Bout time somebody with street cred called out Taylor Pretty Pretty Princess Swift for being such a self-important snore. But then I found out what Mathers was actually saying about Swift, and I was like: Ohhh, that ain't cool.

Here's what Mathers tweeted about Swift and the kid from One Direction ("HARRY STYLES, Mom!" says my 11-year-old daughter):

"Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see. We all know you're only doing it so you can make another album."

Damn, why'd you have to go there, Hailie?

"Whoring" around?! I can't really fault the girl for not knowing better, considering she's 16 years old and I'm fairly certain (as Eminem's daughter) she grew up hearing the word "whore" with some regularity, but Mathers needs to learn that girls don't call girls whores. It's like an unspoken pact kind of thing, one all women should be in on it even if they're not (yet). There are too many men out there who are more than willing to whip out that most degrading of insults -- the last thing we need is slut-shaming from our sisters-in-arms. Solidarity, ladies!!

Although it seems Mathers might have learned her lesson already. After an army of angry Taylor & Harry 4EVER fans tweeted an army of angry responses, Mathers issued the followoing Twitter apology:

"Wow. I didnt mean for people to react to my tweet in the way that they have it was just a bit of fun! Sorry @taylorswift13 for my immaturity."

"I believe I'm entitled to my own opinion, but that got out of control. I don't understand why there are 'news' articles written about it!"

Just for the record, Taylor Swift still gets on my last nerve. But I still wouldn't call her a whore.

Do you think it was okay for Hailie Mathers to call Taylor Swift a whore?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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kelti... kelticmom

As much as I like her.....if the shoe fits......how many men has she been with???? I can name 8 off the top of my head. The girl just can't be single. If this was Kim K, Lindsay, Rhianna, or any other not so "wholesome appearing" girl, we would have no problem with what she tweeted.

kelti... kelticmom

And there is a difference between "whoring around", and calling her a whore. You can say I am "bitching about this', but that doesn't mean you called me a bitch.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Also agree with keltic. I'm definitely starting to think that SHE is the problem in her relationships, not the guys.

Tangible Tangible

I don't know if its all publicity or what, but she does have a lot of boyfriends...all the time. Girl needs to slow down a little bit. Can't really fault people for saying that she dates too much.


SaphireH SaphireH

This was from a fake twitter account her father confirmed it wasnt hers

nonmember avatar kaerae

"girls don't call girls whores?" Wow, is this your first time at The Stir? Jump on a comment board some time, it's one of the nicer things they call each other!

Thrif... Thrift_E_Chik

Anyone every stop to think that maybe she is holding out?  Just because she's involved with a guy, doesn't mean she's having sex with them...  So quick to judge, geez...

keriley1 keriley1

I have never heard of this "girls dont call other girls whores" pact.......in fact I think no one has....

D.j. Lord

I guess Thrift E thinks Harry and Taylor were playing xbox all night in her hotel room...ya thats it

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