Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Secrets Revealed to Pranksters Pretending to Be Prince Charles & Queen (LISTEN)


If there are awards given out for prank calls, this one should win top prize this year (and possibly this decade). Two Australian radio jocks got ahold of the phone number of the ward where Kate Middleton is being treated for severe morning sickness brought on by her pregnancy. Pretending to be Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, the shock jocks easily get a naive nurse to divulge all kinds of details about Kate's condition, including that she hadn't "retched" yet that day and that "Wills" had left the hospital the night before. The hospital where Kate is staying confirms the incident happened and is "a foolish prank we all deplore" -- but to be honest, it's kind of funny.

What makes the prank great is that the two radio jocks, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, make the worst Queen and Prince Charles ever. Neither sounds remotely like the two monarchs. And Mel, playing the Queen, repeatedly refers to her "Corgis" and chastises "Prince Charles" to "go walk the Corgis."

In response to the nurse's contention that Kate must be having a hard time "sleeping in a strange bed," Mel cracks, "Well, it's not the Palace, is it?"

None of this, nor the obvious giggling going on in the background (the jocks can't seem to believe this is really happening), alert the nurse to the fact that she may not really have Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles on the line. I actually get the feeling pretty much anyone could have called up and she would have blabbed. She just sounds like a sweet woman who has zero idea that she's dealing with a major celebrity and the lengths some people will go to to get information about her.

I find it odd the hospital didn't prepare their staff at all for a possible breaches of privacy. It would have been simple enough to give Kate's friends and family a password they'd have to say before nurses could divulge information.

I hope the poor nurse doesn't get in trouble, but that hospital needs to get it together. With lax security like that, it's only a matter of time before some Prince William impersonator makes his way through the halls of the ward and into Kate's room.

At least according to what we hear from this nurse, it sounds like Kate is on the road to recovery!

Take a listen to the call. Do you think it's funny or despicable -- or a little of both?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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nonmember avatar NIca

I really hope this is a big joke since I find it unbelieveable that the hospital doesn't have better security and privacy measures in place.

Johns... JohnsMommy31108

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you SHOULD. Invading her privacy like that was wrong on the dj's part. The main problem with that is when people call and say they are someone they aren't when the actual person calls they can't figure anything out or talk to their loved one. No one would want their privacy invaded that way so why on earth do it to someone else? What happened to treat other's how they want to be treated. There is absolutely NOTING funny about this. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

"To be honest, it is kinda funny." Actually, no, no it isn't. At all. Being in the hospital for pregnancy complications of any sort - scratch that, being in the hospital for ANYTHING - tends to suck, a lot. Someone invading your privacy during that time for a prank? Is completely asinine and disgusting. I don't care if you are a prince or a pauper. It isn't right, it isn't funny, and people should be ashamed.

nonmember avatar Johanna

This isn't funny. This is an appalling violation of her right to privacy.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

@LSeabolt1982 - not sure if the UK has anything like HIPAA

Jennifer McLeod

This is awful, how would you feel if someone got embarrassing details of your hospital stay and aired them to thgw world?

Nellie Athome

So Kiri - still think it is so funny and the top prank of the decade and deserving of a prize now that the receptionist has killed herself???

You are really something..... and not a good something

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