Jenelle Evans Marries Courtland Rogers After 2 Months of Dating & We’re Seriously Frightened

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Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers marriedIt looks like there really may be no turning back now. RadarOnline is reporting that Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are married after two months of dating. Two months. If it's true, can't say that I'm surprised. Actually, I kind of expected it.

With that said though, I really just think that this girl has gone off the deep end. Something tells me that Courtland is not a good influence. The man's got the world's most messed up tattoo, for Pete's sake. Something else tells me that if the rumored "shotgun wedding" at the Brunswick County courthouse did take place, then Jenelle really MAY be pregnant, even if she denies it.

Man do I pray for that hypothetical child.

Jenelle is "so in love" that she has to tell everyone on Facebook intimate details about her relationship. She's going with Courtland to get new tattoos. She's surrounded by controversy about whether or not she's stopped abusing drugs. She's tweeting about heading to the doctor early in the morning just looking to stir a reaction from her fans and followers. Plain and simple: Jenelle's ridiculousness is at an all-time high, and well, her actions have been even more out of control since Courtland came into the picture.

Can you even imagine bringing a new baby into this sort of toxic environment? I won't completely write off Courtland's ability to take care of a child because, well, we haven't seen him in action yet. But in my eyes, Jenelle just needs time to figure out what it is she wants for herself. I pray for her and her rumored new husband, and hope that together they can figure out what the best path is for them both.

Do you believe that Jenelle and Courtland tied the knot? Do you think she's pregnant?


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Rochelle Allgire

I hope she's not pregnant! That's the last thing her mother needs, is another baby to raise! She couldn't stand it when Andrew had another kid to take care of, so she goes and does the same thing? A baby that she would have temporarily, until her mother would take that one too, while Jace is at home crying for her?? I'm sure the words "love" and  "marriage" mean nothing to her. She's an idiot. I've never liked her and I don't are how much she says she's changed, I never will!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

If she is married it will not last and god I hope she isn't pregnant because she doesn't take care of her son her mom does.

Carmen Schoen

If that girl is preggers, I have officially lost all faith in humanity. Hopefully she just got married quickly and after a couple months it will fail and she'll be onto the next guy. No need to put another kid in that situation.

nonmember avatar natty

Omg.... hopefully its all rumors this lil girl seriously needs to change her life n nt for herself for her son . What she needs to do is grow up n stop bein selfish n of course to treat her mom better that women does soo much n saves her ass n she jus repays her by continuing to b a lil brat if that was my daughter i wulda bet the crap outta her neways she acts as if shes an adult but she is nothing but a selfcentered ungrateful lil well ya knw... newho to j

Felisha N Kemp

Maybe if mom and dads kept a better eye on thier kids they would not be pregnant after school they should be home not allowed to run around with friends treat them like you would a lil one and have all the parents in come over with their kids and let the kids sit in the living room and hang out while parents supervise instead of letting them go off into a room alone ill be damed if my kids have kids before they are out of my house because if they are not in school then they will be with me at all times parents need to grow up and take charge!!!

Amy Jean

WTF?? I thought they were together for quite a few months? and I bet she really is pregnant 

Felisha N Kemp

you guys need to shut up it is the parents fault that she was got preg in the first place as i said parents are irrasponable


nonmember avatar Sandra Vidrine

How is it her parents fault she got pg? Did her mom and dad hold her hand as she conceived jace? I think not. Seriously I'm one of the strictest parents around but ur are in denial if u think ur kids don't do anything wrong while they are at school. I hope janelle is not pregnant again she needs to grow up slot and raise her son before she has any more.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Hope she isn't. She can't take care of one child already. Her mom doesn't need another infant to raise.

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