Taylor Swift's New Boy Toy Does 'Walk of Shame' Out of Her NYC Hotel (VIDEO)


Harry StylesIt looks like her squeaky clean, perfect role model for young girls image may not be as flawless as we thought, because Taylor Swift's new boy toy, One Direction boy band member Harry Styles, was seen walking out of HER hotel in New York City yesterday morning wearing the same thing he'd had on the night before -- which can only mean one thing, right?

Yep -- Taylor and Harry had themselves a good old-fashioned slumber party, and unfortunately, photographers caught Harry doing the infamous "walk of shame" on his way out of the hotel. (Wah wah wah wah.)

And let's not even bother trying to make their little rendezvous appear more innocent than it really was. When couples are spotted holding hands and sneaking into a hotel at 4 a.m., odds are good they aren't going upstairs to sit on the floor and play board games. (I'm just sayin'.)

Oh, come on -- you weren't really buying the whole virgin thing as far as Taylor's concerned, were you? (She's 22 for crying out loud -- so there's just NO way.)

Sure, I guess there's always some remote chance that Harry and Taylor were merely having a cuddle party behind closed doors. But considering he's admitted to using Fifty Shades of Grey as a "study guide" and once had a pregnancy scare with another girl, odds are good he probably expects a little more than smooching while spending the night with a gal pal.

And honestly, who cares if they were doing the dirty in that hotel room? It's not like Taylor is a teenager anymore, and Harry is of age, so why should they be expected to behave any differently than any other couples their age? (I did the walk of shame during my college days a few times, as I'm sure you did too.)

Who knows -- maybe this relationship will be the one that finally sticks for Taylor since she's throwing caution to the wind and letting her guard down a bit. Maybe her romance with Harry is exactly what she needs to convince her that striving to be perfect is highly overrated, and not very much fun either.

You can hear more about Taylor and Harry's sleepover in this video clip.

Are you surprised that Taylor and Harry spent the night together?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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cassi... cassie_kellison

She's 20 I think it's ok if she has a guy over.

Scrlt... ScrltBegonia

Not buying the "virgin" story at all. TBH, she seems a bit desperate.... She has been linked to so many different guys, I would bet she's pretty loose with herself. And considering how quickly they tend to dump her, I'm also willing to bet she has some issues....Come on, your first clue is that she has a consuming cat obsession.. 22 year old stars should not be wearing clothes with kitties on them......

Austin Keenan

When did she say she was a virgin?     I thought she said she didn't talk about it.    

As a parent,  I kinda appreciate her not talking about it because a lot of her little girl fans shouldn't be pondering it one way or another.    It's people like this author who are making it matter despite wah wah wah insisting it doesn't!     

nonmember avatar Mrs.Clark

Give it a few months. She will be bashing him in a song for dumping her. I believe she gets into these relationships because if she has no one to "break her heart" then she has no material. Jmo.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Um, considering how flighty she is supposed to be with men, I'm surprised she's able to maintain this "good girl" thing O.o

Tina Goff

I surprised guys don't just stay away from her.  She only dates them so she can dump them, then pretends they dumped her so she can write a song about it.

nonmember avatar Paula

OMG he was seen walking out of HER HOTEL! When the hell did Taylor Swift BUY A HOTEL???

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