'DWTS' Couple Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy Weren't Paired by Chance


kelly monaco val chmerkovskiyEven though the buzz around Dancing With the Stars has died down a bit since the All-Star season finale last week, one question is still burning a hole in fans' brains: Are Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy a couple or not?!?

Considering how tight-lipped they've remained on the status of their relationship thus far, it looks as though we may never get a solid answer.

But one thing's for sure, Kelly and Val definitely have some sort of electric force between them, and as it turns out, fate may have played a much bigger factor in bringing them together than we ever imagined.

Because before the All-Star season pairs were announced, Val was interested in somebody other than Kelly Monaco as far as who he wanted to be partnered with.

Believe it or not, Val hoped to be matched up with Bristol Palin instead! (WTF?)

Ok, before you go freaking out and wondering what the hell was going through his head at the time -- listen to the reasoning he gave. It sure makes a lot of sense.

Val told Entertainment Tonight:

My expectations were very, very different. I was really happy to the idea of Bristol Palin, only because I was so discouraged with my last two seasons that I was like, look, I'm going into the All-Stars season, which is definitely going to be the most competitive, and the last two seasons I've been eliminated in [Week] 2, 3. ... I was like, Bristol? At least I'll have an excuse. At least they'll be a reason and I'll be like 'Well, I did my best.'

Yeah, he went on to do a heck of a lot more than his best -- but things may not have panned out as well for him if Kelly hadn't been his partner.

OMG! Are Val and Kelly totally meant to be together or what? Everything happens for a reason (or at least that's what I like to believe), and there was obviously some sort of higher power that brought them together and created one of the most beautiful relationships we've ever see play out on reality TV.

Ok, I know this sounds pretty cheesy, but when they danced together, it almost felt like their souls had been in love in another life (yes, I believe in crazy stuff like that) -- that's how connected they appeared to be.

I mean, that HAS to be it, right? Fate brought them together, and let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues doing its job and keeps them together for a very long time.

Do you think Val would've gotten as far in the competition if he'd been paired with anyone other than Kelly?


Image via ABC

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Flori... Floridamom96

That was a mean thing for Val to say about Bristol and this is a mean article. Unfortunately meanness par for the course at CafeMom.

DebaLa DebaLa

Ok, this is making more sense now. I've always thought the Chmerkovskiy Bros to be a pair of douches, so no suprise there. But now, he's so low as to say, "Hey, if Bristol and I lost, it's not my fault; she's the crappy dancer." Nice. Hiding behind the skirts of an ameteur. So this so-called "romance" with Kelly sounds like he's really in love with *himself* believing he can claim his superiority thru her, and their 2nd place win. Can we say narcissist AND stupid? Does he not realize how revealing his statements are of his character? Who needs tabloids to dish... he does a good job all by himself.

Debbie Bloom

That's what I was thinking when I read it.  So mean-spirited and dismissive of a young vulnerable person. I'm glad others feel that way. 

Yonnie Spriggs

Okay I understand where he is coming from you all jump to the negative right away. the judges have been voting unfairly for quite a while Val is a very good dancer and a lot of the nit picking they have done with him. He was saying he could understand it better and Bristol was not a very good dancer but had improved a lot from her first appearance. They underscored them all season If you know anything about dance.They already had in mind who they wanted to win. I loved Val and Kelly because actually performed the dances without all the gymnastic and other stunts.you rock

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