A ‘DWTS’ Judge Shakeup Is Exactly What the Dance Show Needs

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'Dancing With the Stars' judhes Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli

Since season one, Dancing With the Stars has had a pretty solid fan base. They've found a formula that works with judges and different dance styles. Oh, and the super attractive contestants don't hurt either. What do you do when things get comfortable, though? Switch things up. Well, that's what Maksim Chmerkovskiy thinks the show should do, anyway.

The dance pro spoke with Wetpaint about getting rid of the judges, saying that sometimes "they don't really say what they truly believe," and that it's the right time to bring in some new faces.

Hey, it may not be a horrible idea. Heck, the season that American Idol brought in Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler had some of their highest ratings yet. Could the same work for DWTS?

I think yes.

All of these talent-based shows pride themselves on having big names on their judging panel. Out of them all, though, the three judges on Dancing With the Stars are the least recognizable to the general public. Bringing in some new names, some bigger names, could not only give the show a new feeling but also has the potential to bump up the ratings.

So who would join the new judging panel? Well, while there's no news that this is actually happening -- I have a few suggestions of my own of who would make a great addition. For one, bring in some stars who have had serious dancing backgrounds. Usher comes to mind, Janet Jackson comes to mind, heck, throw the Biebs on there. Yeah, these are all pop-y artists, but there's potential elsewhere, too. Top choreographers, big Broadway names, the options are endless. Either way, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for season 16.

Do you think DWTS should change up their judging panel?


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Jessie Watkins

Get rid of Maks whose is causing all the shit!

Rebekah Villanueva

No, don't change the judges. They're a big part of what makes the show! Sure they argue and say what the stars do wrong, but isn't that their job? They're JUDGES, for Goodness Sake!! If you change them for different ones it will change the whole show!

Elizabeth Watkins

I like the idea of a guest judge. I have to admit I do get ticked off at the judges when they are very critical of a couples mistake and it definitley shows in the score; when perhaps the next couple can do the same thing and it is all okay, it didn't matter that much and they get a higher score. A mistake is a mistake no matter who is on the dance floor. I just want them to be fair across the board, so maybe guest judges would not be showing such partiality.

Jean Bailey

Leave the judges as is....BUT..that 2-hour show was way way way too long!!!!! I couldn't sit for that long and watch Bruno with all his stupid antics..and some of Carrie Ann's also (falling off her chair....now really???). Then turn around the next night and watch their crap all over again. Let's go back to one hour on Monday and one hour on Tuesday.......I missed some if not all on Monday's because of the length!!!!! Just a suggestion. It's easy to lose one's attention!!!!!!

Dennis Knappenberger

Leave the Judges be, look at you get when you change them, as on American Idol. Fighting "divas".

Fran Lieberman Miller

No need to change the judges. Their names are recognized in their own field and I believe they are fair. Max's problem is his own ego.

Virginia Murphy Pate

Leave the judges alone...they are the glue that holds the show together.

Janet Olsen Thomasser

Leave the current judges and bring in guest judges, but make sure they know ballroom dancing and choreography! Just the mention of those two possibilities above make me cringe! These judges do make mistakes occasionally, but they know dancing. OK, Bruno could tone it down a bit, but he's fun.

Carol Ferris

I think they should have new judges each week. Guest star judges only. Get rid of the permanent ones. And then have them score the dance only not their personal preferences or stars. Also get more younger star on the show and give them some respect. Very few people under 30 watch DWTS.

Kathy Fischer

They need to get rid of that pervert, Bruno; every comment he makes is sexual.

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