Taylor Armstrong Leaving 'RHOBH' Is Too Good to Be True

Taylor ArmstrongCould it be?! Word started circulating this week that finally, at last, Taylor Armstrong may have come to her senses and will soon leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sources said she is "seriously considering" leaving the bling of Beverly Hills behind to be with her beau, John Bluher, in Colorado. They said the home she rents is being sold, and that when it's time for her to move out, she and her daughter Kennedy will likely trade the hills for the mountains.

A source told Radar Online that she wants to take her daughter way from all of the drama, and wants to start a new life in Colorado with John. He still needs to deal with that marriage of his, but other than that, it sounds perfect. There's only one problem.

She says it's not true. Via Twitter yesterday she said, “As usual, ROL [RadarOnline] is wrong! Love my Bev Hills life and #RHBH.” She also told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the rumors are false.

And just like that our hopes were crushed. Not only does such a move sound like the best thing for her and her daughter and what we've been rooting for since Russell's suicide -- for her to take time out of the spotlight to heal -- it would be best for the show. Because the fact is: We don't want her on RHOBH.

Am I right that she's the most annoying person ever this season? She used to be more of just a sad, pathetic bit of background noise, but this season her mere presence on the screen agitates me.

She's rude and aggressive -- remember her behavior at Yolanda Foster's house? And what the hell was that meditating last night? I've always thought I should feel sorry for her after all she's been through -- and I am definitely sorry for all that happened -- but she makes it really hard to even like her, and she needs to go.

There is, however, at least a small hope that she's lying to which we can cling. The "source" says that she's been silent about this move because she doesn't want Bravo to know of her plans quite yet.

Taylor is keeping her thoughts about moving under wraps because the executives at Bravo are unaware of her plans. Bravo does have the option of having Taylor on the fourth season of the Beverly Hills Housewives but it's looking increasingly unlikely that either party will want that to happen. Taylor would most likely move at the end of the school year so the transition for Kennedy would be a smooth one.

Fingers crossed!

Do you think it's time for Taylor Armstrong to leave RHOBH?


Image via Bravo

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Lorraine Bauernfeind Salzano

Please let her leave as last season Her husbands suicide was surreal for her . This year she is dealing with the reality by over drinking

Mickie Moser

Brings out the worst in her.

Joyce H Reiss

She adds nothing to the show except for her stupid remarks and bad behavior.  I too felt sorry for her last season but now I don't like her.  I also feel that some of the remarks she makes are to cover her insecurities.  She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

nonmember avatar MLB

True, Taylor acted a hot mess at Yolanda's party, but as far as the meditating, she didn't do anything that any other housewife has done in the past. I didn't find it particularly annoying. She had every right to be upset with Brandi -- pot meet kettle. It is just as ridiculous for Brandi to write about divorce as it is for Taylor to write about abusive relationships. If you ask me, neither one of them have anything intelligent to add to anyone's life. I also loved that watching Taylor wrestle with Brandi. It shows that if Brandi showed a little patience and understanding with Taylor, they might actually be friends. It's obvious that Taylor, Kim, and Brandi have the most in common - insecurity, addiction, failed relationships, pain.

nonmember avatar Deedeeb

PLLEEAASSEE send this sickening - I can't even call her a woman - PERSON packing. Saw her on WWHL last night and so wish I had called in. I would love to ask her how can she justify sleeping with a married man. I NEVER once thought Russell abused her. This gal will fight tooth and nail whenever she feels slighted but can't stand up to her husband HA. She did say last night she is spending the Christmas hilodays in Colorado - HHMMMMM isn't that where the MARRIED man has a place????? Someone please shoot me before this idiot drives me mad!!

nonmember avatar Evie

Taylor is a very sad character with a lot of baggage and needs some real serious therapy (and not that odd stuff they put on the Show before Russell killed himself). Taylor had no manners when she came on the show and continues to act out like a child her grew up in a home that had little or no education. Alcohol is her enemy and she doesn't fit in and seems to be on the edge looking in. Pathetic. Taylor has never been at ease with her celebrity as the other RHOBH are. I see a sad future for her as she seems to be repeating the same patterns over and over. Time for her to move on.

Tibi Heims

I hope she leaves so that I can watch the show again.  I refuse to watch as long as she disgraces the screen. 

Julie Ann Johnson

Leave already....She is a classless woman, talks trash about everyone and when called on it pulls the pity card.

GO so I can return to watching the show.

nonmember avatar tinks

I didnt really notice Taylor too much until her husband died. When she pulled the crap at the Fosters party and demanded David Foster, an Oscard award winning song writer change the music because sad songs made her cry...ugh.
Then the confrontation with Maloof and Brandi @ Mauricio's event...when Paul was yelling in Brandi's face, Taylor of course snapped into professional victim and wanted everyone to comfort her because men that angry upset her...So glad they called her on her s**t. Good bye Shana or Taylor...whatever ur name was before Hollywood.

nonmember avatar tessy coin

i like taylor,not becuse she have a problem w alcohol that mean she is a bad person.two of the person the they have to go is lisa and yolanda.they are annoying,and they think that the rest of the wife own her something.they think they ar better that anybody else

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