'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville & Adrienne Maloof's War Has Only Just Begun

Adrienne MaloofWell, for what was supposed to be Kim Richards' celebration of sobriety weekend, there sure was a lot of booze flowing in Ojai. Tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we picked up where we left off at the dinner in which Brandi Glanville told Adrienne Maloof to shut the f*ck up.

Despite the fact that she deserved it, everyone was all hung up that she used "The 'F' Word," and so Brandi did apologize for using it. She didn't apologize for telling Adrienne to shut up though, and I don't blame her. There was some more drama when Brandi announced she just got a book deal, and Taylor Armstrong's response was to start meditating. She is still hung up on the fact that Brandi called her out for writing a book about her marriage. The big difference, however, is that Brandi's ex didn't commit suicide and is still around to defend himself. Big difference.

And oh yeah, Adrienne got a book deal too ... which no one seemed to care about at all.

Anyway, after all of that, which was completely baffling to Yolanda Foster, they seemed to move on from Shut-the-F*ck-Up Gate quite well, and soon they were naked, smearing mud on one another, and cavorting about.

Once the booze started flowing that evening, it was Housewives gone wild. Yolanda (who can't drink alcohol because she is having the tissue from unborn lamb fetuses or something like that injected into her body) and Kim headed to bed while the rest of the women competed in arm wrestling matches (Brandi's celebratory dance when she beat Adrienne is the BEST), did drunken gymnastics and moves in which I'm amazed no one broke a bone, and had all sorts of drunken fun. The bygones were bygones, and it looked like that clay from God or some Ojai magic may have really brought them all together.

But of course, it wasn't that simple. In the sober morning sun as they rode back in the limo toward Beverly Hills, Kyle had to go and bring up the dinner again, and everything started all over again. Adrienne continued to play innocent, saying she was not trying to bring attention to Kim crying, which is bullsh*t. She was trying to start drama and she knows it, but she'll never admit it -- probably not even to herself. Brandi isn't about to back down, and also seems pissed about Paul and Adrienne trying to pressure her into sending out some Tweets for them.

There's clearly a lot brewing there. In the end, Brandi said, "If Adrienne and I don't nip this in the bud, things could get ugly." I sense there will be no nipping, as previews for next week look explosive with Paul screaming at Brandi. I wonder what Yolanda will think of that.

Team Brandi or Team Adrienne?


Image via Bravo

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Nicole Jordan

Team Brandi!  Adrian and Paul (whom I used to love) are awful.  I think their crumbling marriage is making them both a**holes.  Oh yeah, Adrian always was one.

Linda King

sorry but brandi has a bad mouth on her. no class at all. no wonder her husband left her for leeann rimes. she needs to clean  up her ugly mouth. adrian has more class in her little finger than brandi does. she is one classless woman. why would they bring her on the show.!! and kim needs to quit the crying, she still acts drugged up/ slurs her words.!! just get brandi ( dirty mouth ) off the show. cant stand her.

Linda King

brandi has the gall to make the remark adrian is dunb. she is about one dumb broad.!! the way she goes after lisas husband ken.!! haha.!! i can see why her husband left her. big dirty classless mouth. now one with some class is david fosters wife. she makes them look sick. she has some class.!!

Karma Grant

LMAO @ someone saying no wonder her husband left her because she cusses. Now that's effin hilarious!! Yeah he couldn't keep his penis in his pants and it's all Brandi's fault for cussing. Wow, that's just umm yeah.

Love Brandi and like Nicole said, I use to love Paul and Adrienne but this season they've become awful people. Found it "funny" that Kyle couldn't be bothered to comfort her crying sister in the bathroom, Brandi the former mortal enemy had to do that. Kyle was too busy running her mouth. Kyle, another that i use to really like. I can tell I wont like her much this season.

nonmember avatar Sam

Funny how Kyle & Taylor were so so offended by the use of the F word at dinner. This coming from a person that has to prove she can do the splits every chance she gets & doesn't Taylor have a screaming cursing meltdown in public on the regular? Ya their real classy smh.

Austin Keenan

It was interesting how several stated that they understood why those who weren't drinking wouldn't want to hang around since it's not fun being around drunks if you're not drinking.... but they expected the audience to enjoy it?     I guess they expect us all to be drunk on Monday night?      

Equally ridiculous was Yolanda telling Kyle how unclassy she thought it was.   Their understanding and acceptance of her bowing out early was more classy.       


Norma J Brill

  Brandy has a mouth like a barn and has no lady likeness to her. I bet her husband divorced her because of her mouth. Yolanda is right , it was unlady like.

Pam Kimball

Team Brandy.  Was never really a fan of the sour faced Adrienne.  I love how open and honest Brandy is, these woman cant handle it.

nonmember avatar Carrie

Team Brandi! Oh, she dropped the "f" bomb.... boo, hoo! It's not like the "f" bomb hasn't been dropped by any one else on this show! It's funny how some people forget, I guess they suffer from selective memory! Go, Brandi... keep it real, girl!!

Tamma... TammaraJay

Team Brandi for sure. Kudos to Lisa for sticking by her friend. @ I'm sure all of us cuss, come on now let's be real here!! Taylor has become much like mean girl Kyle, sad really cause I liked Taylor at first;-( Kyle is nasty, I can only imagine how she truly is when the cameras aren't on her. Adrian I thought was always mean to her husband, not too surprised to hear of the divorce. Lisa I adore she is similar to Brandi in that she "tells it like it is" although with a bit more class. Yolanda seems icy to me . Still fun to watch these girls. Much more entertaining than housewives Miami..still BORING!

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