LeAnn Rimes' Disrespectful Tweet About Stepsons Reignites Brandi Glanville Feud

brandi glanville leann rimesWhen I first heard about how LeAnn Rimes stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville, I kind of hated LeAnn. But then when I saw Brandi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I kind of hated Brandi. But then as time went on, and I got to know Brandi a little bit better -- and after LeAnn sent the world's most obnoxious tweet -- I'm over LeAnn. For good.

Before spending the weekend with her husband and two stepsons -- Brandi's biological children -- LeAnn insensitively recently fired off the tweet: "Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it's a family tour weekend. It's always more fun when they are with me."

Dude. That's some balls right there. "My boys." Oof.

Of course, once Brandi got wind of the tweet, she fired back, resulting in an all-out twitter war, and reigniting their dormant feud.

Oh, 2012. How proud our Founding Fathers would be of you.

Quickly after LeAnn's tweet, Brandi wrote: "Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children "her boys" Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons... 4 now." LeAnn didn't directly retaliate to Brandi, but she did continue to post photos and tweet tweets about her awesome family-filled weekend. And she did retweet the following message: "Being a step mom is such a hard role to play....but only the strongest women can handle it!" Wow.

LeAnn -- take it down a notch. I don't think Brandi Glanville is the classiest woman in the world, but cut the lady some slack. You already took her husband -- isn't that enough? Is is really necessary to send out a tweet referring to her kids as "my boys"? I certainly don't think you would like that if you were in her position. Try to show a little respect, for crying out loud. I mean, damn, talk about a low blow.

Do you think LeAnn was in the wrong?


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nonmember avatar Mommy

I had this same thing happen to me. But the girl wasn't my my kids step mom. It was after she had been dating my kid's dad less than a month and all she did was talk about doing things with her boys. It did not go over well and I did not like it.

Jackie Henderson

I think its funny how people believe that she genuinely cares for these children because of her tweeting. I hope that she does for the childrens sake. To express your devotion and love over social media just seems insincere to me. Also unnecessary. I think as a blended family in the public eye all should tread lightly. For the sake of the kids to avoid people having an opinion on their lives.

Marjorie Marie Cooper

Honestly I have a step mom and step dad and they have always called me ther daughter, not step daughter. Now that my Mom and Dad have passed it is good to still have parents that love me. My mom never got upset that there was another mother figure in my life that loved me and openly expressed it

Jo Ann Elliott Barko

I like both women, but what I got out of this is that maybe LeeAnn was makeing a general comment, ( going out with my boys)being all guys. Brandi is still hurting and anything said will upset her to a point. We all have or deal with step parents and its a hard role. parent think we are taking there kids and the kids think we are trying to be there new mom or dad.One should be blessed that a step parent does care for the kids and not be means or do bad things. Things will get better!!!

Sherry Burrell

yes she is definitly in the wrong

Evelyn Kiefer

I used to like Lee Ann but not anymore.  She really isn't a nice person.  I hope she realizes IF HE'LL CHEAT WITH YOU HE'LL CHEAT ON YOU.  Your turn is coming.  He is a slug.

nonmember avatar Neg

I took "my boys" to mean her husband was included since it was a family thing. I don't see anything wrong with her referring to her husband and his sons as "her" boys.

Lauren Rice-Jensen

YES! I beleive she did it on purpose also! I also dont think the two of them will be togehter " FOREVER" as well! I think he ll tire of her, and move on to the newest Hottest thing sooner or later...Brandi, your much better off without that snake in the grass! Love ya ! Lauren

CPN322 CPN322

Stacy - I agree and the same thing happened with me except they didn't take in a kid they had 2 more and my stepmother always made sure to tell them I wasn't their real sister, just their half sister. I feel for your poor girl :( I do think it is different when one of your parents cheats. If my father had cheated on my mother, I sure as hell wouldn't respect the next woman he married much less want her to claim me as her child.

chellyelizabeth - that is actually really good that you do that. My stepfather used to do that when I was younger and was proud people thought I was his and that made me feel really good. My stepmother would go out of her way to correct anyone and it really hurt me as a child.

I'd also like to add, having a manipulative stepmother myself, that we really don't know her intentions behind these posts. They could very well be to look good to her husband as this awesome stepmom, to look good to the world, to get under Brandi's skin or she could be genuine. We really just don't know. I think a lot of people are forgetting that this stepmom came to be a stepmom by cheating with her now husband.

Jessi Ramey

this is ridiculous. i call my friend's kids my baby's all the time, as they do my son. she was just saying that she was having a wonderful time with the 3 guys in her life that she love the most. people are so ignorantly stupid.

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