LeAnn Rimes' Disrespectful Tweet About Stepsons Reignites Brandi Glanville Feud

brandi glanville leann rimesWhen I first heard about how LeAnn Rimes stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville, I kind of hated LeAnn. But then when I saw Brandi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I kind of hated Brandi. But then as time went on, and I got to know Brandi a little bit better -- and after LeAnn sent the world's most obnoxious tweet -- I'm over LeAnn. For good.

Before spending the weekend with her husband and two stepsons -- Brandi's biological children -- LeAnn insensitively recently fired off the tweet: "Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it's a family tour weekend. It's always more fun when they are with me."

Dude. That's some balls right there. "My boys." Oof.

Of course, once Brandi got wind of the tweet, she fired back, resulting in an all-out twitter war, and reigniting their dormant feud.

Oh, 2012. How proud our Founding Fathers would be of you.

Quickly after LeAnn's tweet, Brandi wrote: "Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children "her boys" Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons... 4 now." LeAnn didn't directly retaliate to Brandi, but she did continue to post photos and tweet tweets about her awesome family-filled weekend. And she did retweet the following message: "Being a step mom is such a hard role to play....but only the strongest women can handle it!" Wow.

LeAnn -- take it down a notch. I don't think Brandi Glanville is the classiest woman in the world, but cut the lady some slack. You already took her husband -- isn't that enough? Is is really necessary to send out a tweet referring to her kids as "my boys"? I certainly don't think you would like that if you were in her position. Try to show a little respect, for crying out loud. I mean, damn, talk about a low blow.

Do you think LeAnn was in the wrong?


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shell... shellyplatz

And by the way - I do daycare and refer to the kids as "my kids" all the time because I help raise them since they spend between 40-60 hours a week with me. Is that also "horrible"?

Tonya Austin

She is their mother too and if she had made a comment about Eddie and "his boys" then she would have been blasted for isolating the kids and not treating them like part of her family. Brandi may not like her but LeAnn is a legal parent to those boys and she has a right to love them as her own. She loves their Dad and has included the boys in her life. Isn't that what is best for the boys, to have a step mother that loves them as a mother should. Wouldn't Brandi want that as well? What is best for the kids. Surely not the things Brandi is doing. She needs to be grateful that LeAnn loves her boys and that she includes them in her life. Shut up Brandi and get over getting dumped and get on with your life. Regardless of how the relationship ended, it is over and she needs to move on and promote healthy relationships with all involved in her children's lives and stop being a bitch.

Starla Denise Minde

I do think she knew it would upset brandi a little bit, but I have a step daughter and I do say my girls when she is visiting and hanging with her step sister my daughter There are no steps in my house except to walk up or down..however in fairness to her mother I always say my husbands daughter when talking about her on facebook. its been years now and I do say in my own home or when she is visiting...she is my daughter because my heart loves her that way. Her mom is real sensitive to this so I respect her accordingly, when posting or tweeting. Thats just the best thing to do...


nonmember avatar Melissa

See Starla above is right, she is sensitive to what she tweets and posts and Leann is not. There were two digs in that tweet not just her saying "my boys" but talking about "family tour weekend is always funnier for me". Yes, Leann and Eddie have the luxury of just being the "fun weekend family". They probably don't have to help with homework and discipline when th

Maria Foster

Wow!  I don't think anyone is negating step-moms.  I've been in that roll before and hated by my ex's mom and the ex-gf.  It's a hard spot to be in but I would NEVER rub it in their face.  Nor would I ever try to call the baby my baby for millions to see.  I have my own kids and if she were coming over I'd probably just say we're going to have a family weekend.  LeAnn can include them in her tweets without being blatantly hurtful to Brandi.  Personally, I think Eddie snowed LeAnn into believing Brandi was a monster and now that they've gone through with the divorce and their marriage and basically hurt Brandi enough that she's probably acted like a woman scorned LeAnn sees herself as defending her man and hurting Brandi is just a way to stick up for him and his.  It's sick to hear everyone who thinks it's normal.  If this behavior was isolated then perhaps we could say she's just being a good stepparent  but LeAnn has not shown any sort of compassion for a woman who's family she and her now husband destroyed.  Those of you saying Brandi has a trucker mouth and isn't a lady so she deserves this and/or to lose her kids, are you insane?  I highly doubt that she's over what happened and noone should decide when she gets over it.  I bet it hasn't been easy when this couple have laying on top of eachother half naked since before the divorce was final....

nonmember avatar Dana

I dont believe regarding ur step children as family is disrespectful. Be happy their step mither adores them. Brandi is down right childish....jealous much Brandi?

nonmember avatar guest

For those people defending Leann, if Leann didn't mean anything by calling the kids "my boys", then can they please explain why Leann also posted a video of Brandi's kids singing on her tour bus with her and Eddie after she and Eddie won't even allow Brandi to film the kids for RHOBH that very same day?

nonmember avatar Sarah

I don't think it's a big deal. They both need to grow up IMO. I think Brandi should be grateful that her boys have a stepmother that loves them.

nonmember avatar guest

PR 101: When all else fails, blame the victim. For example, rather than calling Leann out for her bad behavior insist that Brandi is being unreasonble, even though Leann was asked not to tweet about the kids and Leann went to rehab for stress related to her tweeting addiction. How ungrateful, childish, and selfish of Brandi to ask Leann to stop being so disrespectful. How dare Brandi not appreciate the fact that Leann "LOVES" her kids(aka tweets 24/7 about them, invites the paps to the kid's schools and soccer games, allows them to listen to songs about Leann sleeping with their mother, posts photos and videos of the kids to a fan website after telling Brandi that she can't film with her kids, and sets up staged photo-ops at airports with her kids). Trying to fix this by blaming Brandi isn't going to help Leann, it's only making people dislike Leann even more. Rather than making these posts blaming Brandi for not being "grateful" why don't these people just tell Leann to take down the tweets, videos, and posts about the kids?

Zakiya Ramos

I don't see the problem with what Leann tweeted. If my sons had a step mom I would want for darn sure to know that she cared for them and treated them like her own. For me I would appreciate and feel relieved if she called them her boys, that would mean she would be less likely to mistreat them, reducing her chances of getting a mud hole stomped in her ass. The home wrecking part is another story, I'm sure the mom just feels like darn she already stole my husband now she's moving in on my sons. It's a bigger issue here, counseling is needed.

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