Comedian Katt Williams Arrested for Bar Fight AFTER Assault in Target

That's Criminal 5

Katt WilliamsYou guys. What in the hell is going on with comedian Katt Williams? Last week he led cops on a bizarre chase through Sacramento while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle, and later that same day he was caught on video slapping a Target employee -- before standing by as the cashier called the cops, then checking out though another cashier's line while riding a motorized courtesy wheelchair. (What??)

Williams is back in the news today with reports that he was arrested on Sunday in Seattle. Apparently he got in a verbal fight with several patrons in a bar, then "brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business."

That sounds bad enough, but because this is Katt Williams we're talking about, the story doesn't end there.

According to a Seattle police spokesperson, the Scary Movie 5 comedian/actor then followed a family outside of the bar:

As the family got into their car, Williams flicked a cigarette through a car window at a woman, striking her just below her eye. Williams also threw a rock at the family's car.

When cops arrived on the scene, Williams resisted arrest before finally being booked in the King County Jail for investigation of assault, harassment, and obstructing police officers.

The thing is, this isn't even the most effed-up thing he's done lately. Here's a recap of just a few of his recent arrests:

• November 15, 2012: busted on on charges of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly hitting an 18 year-old man with a bottle

• November 9, 2012: lawsuit filed against Williams for hitting his former assistant

• October 2012: detained on a gun violation

• June 11, 2011: arrested in connection of an alleged assault on a tractor driver, in which the driver claims Williams and three women attacked him with rocks and dirt clods

Not to mention the numerous prior charges for gun violations, burglary and criminal trespassing, a bizarre onstage meltdown, and delivering a wild rant about Mexicans.

It seems obvious that Williams is a troubled man, whether that's the result of drugs or something else. It seems like if he doesn't change the path he's on, he's going to be in a lot of trouble soon -- and maybe hurt someone else in the process. Here's hoping for his sake (and his eight children!) he gets it together, and fast.

What do you think is happening with Katt Williams?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Ecstasy, sizzurp/lean, or something like that... It has to be drugs. Katt Williams is HILARIOUS; however, the man must be on something. I pray that he gets better before he does a Lilo or Amanda Bynes...

nonmember avatar Tommy

Isnt he like 4 feet or 5 feet tall? Why does he think he's so tough? It must be CRACK!

Peter Parker

maybe its serious nepoleon syndrome finally getting to him... being laughed at all day doesnt help any. funny guy. hard to take serious... maybe hes on some serious meds that have him acting out. whatever it is, get well you crazy fcuker

Queenlife Jami

It's quite apparent that Mr.Williams doesn't have a spiritual base and this is how people behave when they do not have a spiritual base, also some times to much money, talent, and intelligence can drive a person insane. Lets hold the Brother up

Valda... ValdaThomas

Sad. It looks like Katt's having a Martin Lawrence-level meltdown. At least there was no gun involved.

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