Kim Kardashian May Have Given Kris Humphries Herpes – Which Is Why He Wants Revenge, Right?

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kim kardashianHere's something for that Pulitzer application -- Kim Kardashian may have herpes. Oh yes, upon Kim's return to the States after a whirlwind tour of the Middle East, she was photographed makeup free at the Miami airport with a big old cold sore on her lip. Now, I know what you're thinking, you herpes expert, you: The cold-sore herp is different from the genital herp. We know. We get it. But still. You have to wonder (or not; or not wonder or care at all) if Kim gave Kris Humphries herpes and that's why they can't come to a divorce agreement. Does he want restitution for the virus?

Lest you think this is the most far-fetched thing you've ever heard, I'll remind you that Kris was actually sued by a sex-partner in 2010 for giving her herpes ...  and, you guessed it, 2010 was when Kris started seeing Kim.

So, allegedly Kris has the STD, and the timing is close enough to make it possible that he got it from Kim. Joy.

In case you're wondering where Kanye West comes into play, some tabloids are using Kim's cold sore as proof that Kanye was the one to infect her, letting Kris totally off the hook.

But for all we know, it could just be a cut or a scratch or an unfortunate line of zits above Kim's upper lip. That said, where there's herpes, Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, Kanye West, and legal proceedings to be speculated upon, ears across the globe perk up.

To be honest, I sincerely hope no one has herpes. However, I guess I wouldn't mind if Kris Jenner was able to spin this 'derp disaster into a PR initiative that makes everyone feel sorry for Kim. I'd enjoy seeing that sort of black magic at work. It's so fun yet so unnerving.

Oh, and if we could get a Lifetime movie out of this, even better. Herpes Hell: The Story of Kim, Kris, and Kanye.

What do you think of all this?


Photo via Pacific Coast News



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Julee022 Julee022

Who cares?

dirti... dirtiekittie

1. all parties involved need to get over themselves. i'm fully convinced the only reason the divorce hasn't finalized yet is because those egos won't all fit in one room. 

2. who cares about herpes? plenty of people have it. unless you knowingly affect someone with the cold sore type to the genital type (which can be done, and is horrible!), get over it. if herpes is the only thing he caught from this girl, he should consider himself lucky. 

3. when is kris humphries' pr people EVER going to tell him to just take the deal and let it go? when this whole divorce thing started, at least it was just kim that looked shady for rushing to the altar and then the divorce court. but the longer this drags out, the worse and worse kris humphries ends up looking (heh, maybe that's the kardashian plan right there). for the record, they were married for 72 days. their divorce has been going on for over 395 days - so at the current standing, their divorce proceedings have lasted approximately 5 1/2 times longer than their marriage. :( that's sad. 

nonmember avatar Kierah

I'm not Kardashi-fan, but how do we know Kris didn't infect Kim?
He's punishing Kim for making him look like a fool.

Corliss V. Holly

Is anybody surprised?  The chick gets around a lot.

Lyn Marlik Barnes

I am not a KIM KARDASHIAN FAN but I do think they all should be careful regardless....However, I do think that she is the infection because she is jumping around from one guy to another...I AM A KHLOE K. OLDOM FAN....

nonmember avatar nancy smith

Well somethings should be kept private

nonmember avatar nancy smith

Well somethings should be kept private

AnnaMae Bullock

Typical. Kim's herpes rumor pre-date her scripted relationship to Kanye. I first heard her herpes rumor following her Paris Hilton shadowing. I also heard that Khloe & Kim published pictures of each other's herpes scripts/pills during a fight. Just prior to the Odoms arranged marriage.

Cheryl Denslow Shaver

She has a 2nd herpes sore on her bottom lip as well. How could you miss it? Right side between her lips. Therefore no  it is not just a scratch.

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