Kristen Stewart's Rumored Sex With Sean Penn Shows the Cheating Scandal Is Far From Over

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Kristen StewartOk, so I was just as appalled and shocked as anyone else when Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, but seriously -- can't this poor girl catch a break now that the scandal is behind her?

I mean, it was pretty understandable that immediately after the Rupert thing went down, Kristen was hit with a whole slew of other cheating rumors, but now that it's almost five months later, you'd think the accusations would have died down. (Rob forgave her, so why can't everyone else?)

Instead, it seems like the claims about her hooking up with other men keep getting crazier and crazier -- and now there's new speculation that she slept with Sean Penn to land her role in Into the Wild.

I know, insane right? And what's even nuttier is how some people have arrived at the conclusion that she slept her way into the movie. Somehow they're reading more into this statement she made about getting a part in the film:

After I did a reading, we met again like a week later and I played a song for him. I botched it so badly, it was awful. I learned ‘Blackbird’ on guitar, but it was difficult to sing at the same time. It was very embarrassing, but he gave me the part anyway. He said he wanted me to be in the movie he just didn’t know in what capacity yet. Then he called me and said, ‘Hey you want to do this thing?’ I was like, ‘Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?’

It's probably the "he gave me the part anyway" bit that is leading some to believe that Kristen and Sean did the horizontal limbo, but c'mon -- would anyone really have jumped to that conclusion if it weren't for the mistake she made with Rupert Sanders?

Because anyway you look at it -- that's all their hookup really was. A mistake. A mistake that plenty of other people have made many times in the past, because all people make mistakes.

Unfortunately, when you're someone as famous as Kristen Stewart, you apparently aren't allowed to make mistakes, and if you do, you'll never live them down.

Just because she hooked up with Rupert doesn't mean she got busy with every other male she ever came in contact with! Why won't anyone cut her a little slack? I mean, there have even been reports saying she may break up Ben Affleck's marriage simply by starring in an upcoming film with him. (Really?)

Geez. Maybe Kristen should just go crawl in a hole for the next couple of years or something, and maybe by then people will forget about what happened and give her another chance.

Either that, or she needs to grow a REALLY thick skin from here on out.

Why do you think it's so hard for everyone to let go of Kristen Stewart's cheating?


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Rhonda Bierer

Their arse holes.......... You should quit reporting this bullshit too! I am sick of reading it.


Tammy Janke

People need to leave her alone. It's sick at what people are saying. You are really gonna go back that far? Move on and leave them be. I am so sick of the rumors. After that Papp video I don't believe anything the magazines write. I don't know how famous people do it. I would have been in tears. It's one thing to take a picture, it's another to harass them like that!!!

Cinthia Avila

damn people will always exist so ugly the world is right now, people have more sins, is the one that talks, as the saying goes, if we did not have people mouth and ass, we would not be punished, and Rob Kris go to these people and their bad reviews, god bless Robsten...

Christine Olbrycht Latour

There was never an affair to begin with.What a joke.Why don't everyone just leave them alone!!!!


Brendy Marie Kay

gosh.. i love kirsten stewart people really need to lay off of her... just cause shes famous doesnt mean her business needs to be shown all over the world i love rob and kirsten together! and she cheated so what! doesnt mean she going to do it again! celebirtys ARE Still Human ya know!?

Ashle... AshleighK-

I love her, and I am sure Rob does too. Screw anyone that doesn't. She's an amazing girl.

Colleen Sarica

We forgive her it is the media and papparrazzi that won't knock it off.  This getting really old.  Leave her and Rob alone


Trenna Ringulet

As for the tabloids,we know most of them would sell their own children down the river if it would make them a buck. And Kristen is a hot item right now and if trashing her career can make them money they'll try. This is proved simply enough by the lack of tabloid time old man Ruppert has gotten. Not news worthy enough nor hot enough nor successful enough to spend time on although he was actually more at fault then she was. (though,both were wrong) Money money is the name of the game. Kristens a descent actor, she'll get thru this. Even when Roberts not by her side.'ll probably always be her fault. Hopefully when it'stime to leave him(robert) she'll be honest about it.

nonmember avatar Cat Lauren

I can't believe you would make up such garbage, just to make a name for yourself and cause Kristen and Rob more trouble. Get a life and get it straightened out or something because Karma is a Bitch when it comes back. It's going to come back and it's going to bite you in the butt

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