Lindsay Lohan's Bank Accounts Seized & She May Spend Christmas in Jail

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lindsay lohanSorry, Charlie! Sheen, that is, who thought maybe he was saving Lindsay Lohan from tax collectors when he wrote her a check for $100K last week. Apparently, it just wasn't enough, because the IRS has reportedly seized Lindsay's bank accounts, so that they can collect the back taxes she owes. Apparently, she owes at least $233,904 for 2009 and 2010, plus more for 2011. Oof.

This, of course, ontop of her recent assault arrest and jailing for "lying to the police." It's almost enough to make you feel, well, BAD for her! I know, whaaaaat!

Whenever I hear the latest LiLo's trainwreck development, the instinctive reaction tends to be eye-rolling or channel changing. Newsflash: She's a TOTAL mess! Can we just get over it already? But now that it's looking like this assault arrest and other legal issues could land her in jail -- and during Christmas and New Year's to boot? Ouch. For some reason, that makes my heart go out to her. Also, I'm not quite convinced that she's entirely to blame for all of the trouble she's currently in.

I'd buy that she ducked out on paying taxes. Could be a result of that twisted celeb mentality that she's above the IRS or just laziness. But the details surrounding the assault are sort of fishy. LiLo even hired a private investigator to check out the background of Tiffany Mitchell, the psychic accusing Lindsay of punching her. And then the whole lying to the police ordeal? Hmm, could have been a misunderstanding. Maybe it's all sort of like what happened with Liz & Dick ... The upshot may have been problematic but not nearly as disastrous as the media would have us believe?

Okay, so the girl's track record doesn't really make it easy to give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to any run-in with the law. But this time, something tells me we should. At the very least, hopefully she can avoid spending the holidays in the slammer.

Do you think LiLo should have to go to jail this Christmas?

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Megan Johnson

If it weren't for her celebrity status, she would have already been in jail.  So yeah.  Lock her ass up, for all the good it'll do her.  Wesley Snipes went to jail (And is still in jail) for not paying his taxes too, so why should LiLo be any different?

hello... hellokd87

While I WOULD say it's sad that she'd be spending the holidays in the slammer, she really doesn't have supportive people around her to confide in annnyway... But keeping her locked up during New Years will definitely keep us from reading "LiLO OD'd/drunkenly crashed" on the first day of 2013. She needs to lost that sense of entitlement because of her "celebrity status" and get some real consequences thrown her way.

Chloe Pierce

she shouldn't be put in jail,,,she needs some good people around her,,problems with celebs,,most people that hangs around them are users,,bad influences,,money and power hunger freaks,,fakes,,and the first ones to throw stones at them when they fall,,i love LiLo as an actress,,and can be as great as those respected actresses before her,,she just needs to be determine to choose between wasting her great talent and ended up just like those who succumb to their weaknesses,,,or keep her feet on the ground and take advantage of her blessings,,one thing about jlo,,she knows how to run her show,,and keep it running w/o getting messed up by anything

Chloe Pierce

LILO is a great actress for me,,and she'll get better as she gets older,,give her  chance to get back on the track,,so many bad people around your life can also dragged you down w/o realizing it sometimes,,esp. for celebrities,,much,,much higher percentages for them,,not to mention if they're younger,,just hate to see lindsay lohan waste her talent just like that when she's already up there..


nonmember avatar dessertgirl

Yes, she should be put in jail over the holidays. She is like a ship without a rudder. Her mother should be banned from seeing her and LiLo should stop supporting her worthless mother. LiLo will not learn her lesson until something valuable (her freedom) is taken from her.

Mark Varallo

In this liberal society especially when it comes to actors and actresses, there is no way she will do jail time.  She feels completely above the law because no judge will sentence her like the rest of us.

Marjorie Margel

Her FIRST (of three) hearings on the provoked probation is not till Jan. 15th.. so no jail over Christmas if that is correct..


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