'50 Shades of Grey' Author Reveals Her Perfect Christian Grey

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E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James usually isn't one to wax poetic about anything related to the film version of her incredibly successful series. But on Twitter this weekend, the tight-lipped writer decided to treat her fans and followers to a bit of dish about the movie casting. Squee!

While she denied -- for the gazillionth time! -- that there's anything going on in regards to casting at this point, she didn't have a problem discussing the key qualities she thinks the actor who will play Christian should have ... 

She noted:

I think emotional intelligence, a sense of humor -- those kinds of things. I feel like we haven't got that far yet in the process. We're still at the script stage, so we're a long way off.

Hm, yes, "those kinds of things." Thanks a lot, Erika! But no, truthfully, hearing that she's prioritizing the actor exhibiting the first two traits says a lot. It may mean her perfect Christian Grey isn't necessarily conventionally good looking. Then again, the character really is supposed to be a total stud, so we can't discount that. I guess the point here is that she won't be pleased with someone who's just a pretty face. And truthfully, neither will the audience. We can all agree that an actor who doesn't have the skills to get to the heart of the character would be a disaster.

But actors who could? Well, CLEARLY, Ryan Gosling is more than capable of playing someone with "emotional intelligence" and a "sense of humor" -- his character in Crazy Stupid Love was very Christian Grey-ish in that regard. Though he isn't widely known stateside, Oliver Jackson-Cohen seems to have potential. And sure, all you Ian Somerhalder fanatics can argue that he's showcased his ability to exude both of those traits on Vampire Diaries.

But no matter who is cast, it sounds like the producers really understand the crux of the film, which should come as a relief to fans. Erika noted:

Michael [De Luca] is so passionate about the film and he really got it. He really got the book. He understood it was a love story, fundamentally. He said it this is about first love, and it's her first love and his first love, and I haven't thought about it like that. It's blinding stuff. He just got right underneath it. He was impressive.

Awesome! What a relief to know the flick is in good hands -- and hopefully will be as much, or even more, about love than it is about sex.

Are you psyched to hear E.L. James had to say about the casting and the script direction?


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amiec... amiecanflie

Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer. <3 

Melissa List

Uh, this doesn't exactly reveal her choice...

Jan Waiolama

This article tells me nothing....who writes this stuff?


Shear Edge

I am an Ian Somerhalder Fan but Matt Bomer is my back up choice. This post does not say who she wants to fill the part but who knows, she might go with a new face. This kind of movie could make or break a career


Lori Martinson Cyples

Egads!  THey aren't even close to being a Christian Grey!  What's wrong with you people?  Did you not even read the books, and if you did did you even comprehend them?  NONE of those you listed have the body style of Christian Grey!   The perfect choice....is Channing Tatum....hands down.

Claire Walmsley

Oliver Jackson-Cohen? No offense but when i look at his face I can't stop laughing xD Matt Bomer Jessie Pavelka or Ian Somerhalder Pleaseeee <3

3_gir... 3_girls_86

Ian somerhalder!!!

Nicki Wilson

Please not Ryan Gosling! he creeps me out, ughhh! He's got awful beady eyes! If he gets the role I wont be able to watch the movie at all!!!
toddler tantrum


nonmember avatar beelee

Ian Somerhalder is perfect. I can't picture Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey. Ryan is not too good looking.

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