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This season of Teen Mom 2 has been more than a little confusing with the divorce going on on-screen for Leah Messer Calvert and her pregnancy progressing off-screen. So why not add another twist to it all? Ex-husband Corey Simms is engaged! Surprise!

The news came out thanks to Simms' dad, Jeff, who took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that his son and girlfriend Miranda Patterson are planning to tie the knot. That's one way to quiet down the haters, isn't it?

So what does Leah think of all of this?

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She sees this as a way to guarantee that her twins have four great parents instead of three (remember, the girls already have a stepfather in the form of Leah's new husband, Jeremy Calvert). Here's the fan tweet that Leah re-tweeted:

congrats to @CoreySimms2 & @mirandabridget on their engagement! now #AliAleeah have 4 wonderful parents! @TM2LeahDawn & @Calvert505T

Very adult of Leah! And a nice little reminder to the fans that no matter what they think while watching Corey and Leah's marriage implode on TV, all that matters is that Aliannah and Aleeah are happy and healthy. They need their parents to get along, and they need their parents to be happy. If that takes them being with other people, well then, so be it!

If this doesn't make the viewers look at things a little differently, I don't know what will! 

What do you think of Corey's big news?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Kierah

What a very mature and classy response from Leah!

120177 120177

 Congrates to you leah on your new marriage. i'm glad you are happy and your 2 little girls are so cute. i'm happy for him the both of you are moving on. What are you having a boy or girl congrates on the new arrival.  

Brayl... Braylen1215

Very classy & mature attitude to have. Hopefully, the girls' lives will be greatly enriched if evryone work to co-parent together.

group hug

Jane1957 Jane1957

I am happy for Corey! Leah is nothing but a whore! Hope he will be happier the second time around! I think he is a great father! Best Wishes!

catmomx3 catmomx3

I always felt terrible for Corey during the show.  He was such a nice guy, and has great parents, too.  I hated seeing his heart broken again and again by Leah, who seemed to enjoy keeping him on a string to boost her ego.  I hope he is happier now, and that Miranda realizes what a sweet guy she has.

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