'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kim Zolciak Makes Her Last Excuse & Leaves 'RHOA'

Kim Zolciak and NeNe LeakesSo tonight was the night Kim Zolciak gave her last excuse and made a dramatic exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We knew it was coming, so really the only thing shocking about it  was how long it took her to do it ... and what  a bad liar she is.

It's been clear for some time that she's totally over the show and the other ladies on it. And whether she was fired, as NeNe Leakes claims, or quit of her own accord because of all of the drama, it's really best this way. Back in the day, Kim was a crazy hoot who made for great TV, and I would have been sad to see her go. But for the last couple of seasons she's been making babies and excuses, getting married, saying "f*ck" as many times as humanly possible, and she really doesn't have time for the drama that is Real Housewives. So I say good riddance.

Her exit, however, was anything but graceful. Instead it was a big, loud, crazy kind of affair. Of course, we wouldn't have expected anything less.

It all went down when they met for lunch to talk about the upcoming couples' trip to Anguilla. It was shocking that Kim showed up at all, given her track record, but the group had scheduled the trip around her, so it was the least she could do.

But from the moment she sat down, she started backtracking, sidestepping, bending the truth, and just baffling everyone with her math as to how many weeks and months she was pregnant. Somehow the conversation went from yes, I'm going to ... well, as long as my doctor says it's okay, to hell no, there's no way I can go out of the country and I've already planned a vacation with Kroy for the same time.

It was crazy to watch someone spin that many tales simultaneously. When the other ladies started pushing back, telling her that they'd all changed their schedules because she picked these dates, she got all defensive. When Phaedra Parks flat out told her that it seems like since getting married she doesn't seem to have time for her girlfriends anymore, Kim concurred. "You know what, I really don’t. My priorities have changed," she said.

And with that, she and her wig and belly were up and out the door. “All these bitches are f*cking crazy!” she told the camera.

I don't blame her at all for not wanting to travel when pregnant, but she shouldn't have let them plan an entire trip around her. And yes, sometimes things change during a pregnancy, but the way she approached it all was just so shady and dismissive, and on top of all the other excuses she's made, I don't blame the other ladies for being pissed. She clearly doesn't want to be friends with them, and she's been demonstrating that for some time now. This just sealed the deal.

And it's really for the best for everyone. Kim has had her run, made her name, and has other prospects on the horizon. She hasn't added anything to the show in quite some time, and she just seems over it. So out with the old, in with the crazy new like Kenya Moore, who is pissing off the ladies one by one, and Porsha Stewart who thinks there are 265 days in a year. There will certainly be no short of drama without Kim, and I'm sure we'll see evidence of that that in Anguilla. I wonder if anyone will send Kim a postcard?

Are you glad to see Kim Zolciak leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta? What did you think of  her exit?


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Cindi Manning Hillen

Please let us know where she will be so we can make sure we don't watch her. 

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Well, what do you know? This "low down monkey with a wig on" is finally gone. Now Kandi won't have anyone to fight with!

Linda King

please get nene off the show. she looks like amazon woman big teeth and all.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

I think the ladies should have confirmed the trip with Kim first before making plans AROUND Kim's Schedule knowing she was pregnant  and as far as due dates didn't they all go after Phaedra when she couldn't get her dates straight. This RHOA is getting old and there's only one real house wife now so Bravo should think of Changing the name to Not Real housewives of Atlanta


nonmember avatar faith

it is not racial it's an all black cast,
other housewives shows are all white! she
(kim)should never have been on this show.
i will not miss seeing her one bit.

nonmember avatar Renae

Kim has been spinning a web of lies, BS, and excuses since season 1 so I'm not surprised it ended the way it did. Nope won't miss her, wont watch her "spin off". And someone above said there was only one housewife but Cynthia, Phaedra and Porshia are all married. I do think he needs to replace the cast actually every one of the housewives shows need an overhaul.

Dana Hansen Szymanski

i like kim. shes real. i hope they have a show just for her. i would watch it. nene needs to go jump off a bridge or something she is so annoying and jealous of kim.


nonmember avatar Ashleigh

Keep Kim, Candi, and Cynthia!!!! Get rid of the other drama queens...they ruin the show :)

nonmember avatar Sandy

I look forward to a show about Kim and her family! Just hide her boobs and clean up her mouth! Nene needs to leave RHOA....she's such a loud mouth and that attitude of hers is disgusting!!! If you need to brag about how rich you are, then you probably are NOT!!! Nene.....go away!""

paige... paige8608

I'm glad she left. Honestly, I think she was just hanging around for the money. They shoulda gave her the boot when they fired Sheree. Kim doesn't even participate w/ the rest of the girls. (And for good reason.) I think she just wants to be at home w/ her kids at this point. 

I can't wait for Porsha & Kenya to go. THEY SUCK!!!!

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