'Sister Wives' Recap: Insensitive Kody Makes Meri Cry, AGAIN (VIDEO)

kody and meriYou know how TV shows always promote certain episodes as "very special" or "eye-opening" or whatever? Well, tonight's episode of Sister Wives really was very special. Because guess what? Turns out the Browns ain't the only polygamists going public. Nope. Tonight on Sister Wives, the Browns took a joint vacation with another plural family: The Dargers. And it was EYE-OPENING, all right. Polygamist beach party, what could go wrong?!

Well, a lot. Because for all the similarities between the Dargers and the Browns, there are lots of differences, too. Drastic differences. The kinds of differences that can hurt certain wives people's feelings when brought up over dinner, for example. And I'm not even talking about the identical twins thing!

Yup, that's the first major difference between Joe Darger and Kody Brown: Joe Darger has 3 wives, and they were all related way before the vows took place. Cause, well, Joe Darger married identical twins. And their cousin.

Now THAT'S a thought-provoking arrangement. Sadly, most of the issues you're probably wondering about went unaddressed, at least on camera. Of all the very, very interesting questions the Browns could have asked the Dargers, what they really wanted to know was: How do the wives share a kitchen without killing each other?

See, unlike the Browns, the Dargers (and their 24 children) all live in the same house. So, you know, same kitchen, same interior decorating scheme, yada yada. And while one might think that sharing a dishwasher is small potatoes compared to sharing a husband, apparently the Browns just can't handle the "too many cooks" thing like the Dargers.

"We had more problems stem from sharing a kitchen," said Kody, adding, "I have two wives who feel like sharing a kitchen is abusive."

Uh-oh. Apparently back in the day, Meri and Janelle had some serious kitchen battles. So Meri took Kody's "abusive" comment rather "personally." (Meaning she had to cry and cry and cry on the couch about it later.) And I can't blame her, really, because she just wants to speak her mind, okay? She just wants to HAVE A SAY.

In the end, Kody kinda smoothed things over, in that goofy sort of "Gawrsh, did I do that?" way he has. But still. The Dargers have a point. If you can't share a kitchen, what business do you have sharing a husband? Or maybe the Browns are actually the progressive ones?

Also, is TLC footing the bill for these HUGE houses or what? Does Kody even have a job anymore?

Do you think the Sister Wives should be able to share a kitchen?

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nonmember avatar Lauren

Ok, I was totally confused throughout the entire episode because I thought they were talking about "sharing a kichen" in a metaphorical way. I was trying to figure out what they meant by that. When I realized they literally meant sharing a kitchen, my first thought was that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. My second thought was, exactly what the Dargers said, if they can't share a room in a house, how can they share a husband? How can they share children? I mean, I get sharing a family is way different than sharing a kitchen, but if you can't pull together to share a room, how can you pull together to share a family?

nonmember avatar kaerae

I'd be only too happy to relinquiish the kitchen to someone else...and all the activities done therein!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think I'd have an easier time sharing a husband than a kitchen. Not that I'd share my husband but I'm very territorial when it comes to my kitchen. I get twitchy if people bring through their dirty dishes after a dinner party. If you try to open a cupboard or stir a pan you may as well be walking in to a lion den wearing a lady gaga meat dress. The kitchen is my domain and mine alone.

silve... silverdawn99

I wouldnt be surprised if the browns got divorced.

It seems like Cody doesnt really want the polyamist style he just wants four wives. The other family thought long and hard about what they wanted to achieve and they compromised. Cody just threw shit together and called it a family. if you cant learn to get along with your sister wives what is the point of having one?

nonmember avatar Jan

If they stayed out of the kitchen, they would be thinner they always bring that up, how thin the Darger's were ok do something about it. They seem real flaky to me.

mary_... mary_allbright

My big question is... WHY DO THEY NEED 4 HOUSES WHEN IN UTAH THEY SHARED ONE HOUSE. I THOUGHT THE THEME OF PLURAL MARRIAGE WAS TO HAVE A HUGE FAMILY THAT LIVES UNDER ONE ROOF WITH MULTIPLE CHILDREN, MANY WIVES, AND ONE HUSBAND! Seems like building one huge house for everyone would be cheaper and fit the scenario that we have been spoon-fed about having a plural marriage! blank stare

mary_... mary_allbright

It also sounds and looks (by Kody's facial expressions) is a little jealous of the Darger family and especially Joe and his organization of his family!


slapping forehead

mary_... mary_allbright

And it seems like Janeele is so jealous of Meri! And Kody seems to enjoy making Meri cry all the time! Feels kind of like adding the fourth wife has caused some additional emotional problems!

Tracie Blackmon Marcum

This episode was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop watching...I can't for the life of me see how anyone would NOT be jealous sharing a husband. And what is Kody doing?  He looks goofy to me and what is he trying to do? Give himself a heart attack trying to please 4 very different women? I think silverdawn99 is right. I don't think he's a polg, I think he's a swinger and just wants to make it with 4 women. And make lots of babies because that makes him feel manly. Hence all the issues with Meri. I also agree with mary_allbright.  I thought the whole point was having the big family under one roof. I have 2 kids and sometimes they drive me nuts even though I love them to death, I cannot image 24 of them under one roof and how that in ANY WAY would make me happy. So I don't know. I do think the Dargers were a lot more organized and Joe took control which I think is what these women like. I'm not into that, but apparently they are. It just got way too weird for me when I realized it was twin sisters and a cousin. I mean, that's just.......just.........I can't even THINK of the words that is. 


Alabama Grid Iron Girl


twweaty twweaty

Too each their own.. WHO CARES???? if you wanna share a husband but not a house.. or a house but not a husband?? does it matter, i think its cool that their happy... and that their open enough to share it with the world! why judge... be happy for them! thats my thought ... 

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