Comedian Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee & There's Nothing Funny About It (VIDEO)

Katt WilliamsWe get it. Katt Williams is zany, and outrageous, and will do anything for a laugh, like the comedian he is. Sometimes we can't even help but laugh at his crazy antics, like last week when he evaded police on a speedy motorized tricycle; that was pretty funny. But there's nothing even slightly humorous about new video footage that has surfaced from that day of Williams slapping a Target employee in the face.

Apparently the tricycle ride through Sacramento wasn't enough excitement for one day for him. According to TMZ, after that he headed to a local Target and for some reason slapped a worker there before making an escape on one of the store's electric carts. Sources say he then ditched that and hopped back on his tricycle. The dude certainly has a penchant for motorized vehicles.

You can't tell from the video what's being said, as there's no audio, but the employee appears pretty calm. Williams seems agitated and out of control. Check it out after the jump and see what you think.

TMZ has another video of the employee calling police and telling them what went down. So hopefully Williams will face some criminal charges here in addition to those he may face for evading police on the tricycle. It's not like these would be his first offenses, and someone or something has got to calm this guy down.  This wild day comes on the heels of numerous other incidents in which he's been involved in fights and nabbed for a gun violation.

I don't know if he has anger issues, drug and alcohol issues, or just issues in general. But he apparently needs help of some kind, which may mean some serious legal repercussions and not just more laughing off of his antics.

Comedians are notorious for pushing limits and going to extreme lengths to get a laugh. And that's all well and good ... up to a point. When that point involves harming other people or spiraling out of control before our eyes then that's going way too far, and no one should be laughing.

Do you think Katt Williams should face criminal charges for slapping this employee?


Image via TMZ

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sofia... sofia0587

People are stupid and celebrities are even worse, I hope the employee sues the shit out of him!

Austin Keenan

Hitting someone or threatening to isn't an "antic" so yes he should be charged.    We should stop rewarding infantile behavior with attention.

kelti... kelticmom

Staged??? Mmm, ok. Smdh.

Bruic... Bruickson

I worked retail for about 10 yrs before I had my daughter. Hearing about customers hitting employees is sadly nothing new. Now hearing about a celebrity doing it is pretty crazy. That's guy sounds like an ass and needs to get some help. Good luck to all of those in retail this holiday season! Only a few weeks of the craziness left!

Pinkmani Pinkmani

He must be on that Vitamin E or something... He recently evaded from the police on a tricycle now he' slapping someone. (Shout out to anyone that works in retail or customer service; Had a summer job in high school and I HATED it!!! Since then, I have a new respect for you guys.)

Bruic... Bruickson

Maybe his punishment should be working retail during the holidays! That'll teach him lol.

alexgia alexgia

i don't even know who he is buti live in sac and driving the wrong way ona pedestrian walkway isn't very funny to the people he endangered.

4cadi... 4cadillac

I'm a BIG katt fan but he iz becoming very reckless lately. I hope he gits the help he needs soon. There wuz no video 4 me 2 watch but he had no business hitting that person. Celebrities needs a reality check...jail tyme any1?

Char_... Char_gal4


Seriously, if it was one of the unwashed masses hitting someone, go to jail

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