Kim Kardashian Causes Riot at Milkshake Shop Opening & It's Not Because People are Happy to See Her (VIDEO)

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kim kardashianFor those of you who think Kim Kardashian isn't anything more than a harmless reality TV star famous for doing nothing (except maybe being a savvy self-promoter), think again. Turns out Kardashian is at the center of a political clash in Bahrain, where yesterday, riot police  had to fire tear gas to disperse people near where Kardashian was set to make an appearance at the opening of her Millions of Milkshakes shop.

Unlike, say, a Kardashian event in the United States, where fans are hoping for a glimpse, a touch, an autograph of Kim K, the group in Bahrain was protesting Kardashian's very presence. This angry group of very religious Islamic protesters wanted Kim out of their country. Instead of screaming "Kim! Kim! I Love you, Kim!" these protesters were chanting "God is great." And holding signs that read: "None of our customs and traditions allow us to receive stars of porn movies."

Just hours before showing up at the event Kim K had tweeted:

I just got to Bahrain! OMG can I move here please? Prettiest place on earth!

I'm in love with the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain's foreign minister Khalid Alkhalifa re-tweeted her remark with a note of thanks, but the rest of the twitterverse went crazy taking clueless Kim to task for wanting to live in an anti-Democratic country known for its systemic torture by an opressive monarchy.

bahrain tweet

bahrain tweet

bahrain tweet

bahrain tweet


Kim deleted the tweet.

And just 2 weeks ago, Kim got in political hot water first tweeting prayers for Israel, and then Palestine, causing a backlash from her fans.

She has vowed to learn more about the Middle East. (Or maybe she should just stop tweeting?)

So apparently there are a few places where people have not yet drunk the Kardashian Kool-Aid. But maybe they'll all come around and try a milkshake.



Do you think Kim Kardashian should be opening milkshake shops in the Middle East?

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Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I wish the whole K-Clan would move there. Permanently.(fingers crossed) lol.   If she wants to go global with a product a food is a good idea(a beauty product or clothing line would not have had a chance in this area), however she should have shown some respect towards the culture there and dressed more appropriately. The protesters would still protest but maybe they would see this as an effort to be humble/tolerant/accepting of their ways. At the very least that would've been good business. I admit I am no business expert though so uh, good luck with that I guess though I don't really care if the business does well or not..and I think I'll pass on the Kim Kardashion milkshake, thanks.

Austin Keenan

I don't give a rip whether or not I like or agree with the people who produce or deliver a product or service.     It's a little different with celeb associations because their branding is actually part of what yo're buying.   

She should be able to sell milkshakes anywhere.    People should be able to refuse to buy them (and hopefully have alternatives) for any reason they want.   

nonmember avatar Jacqueline

So her milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard? Sorry, couldn't resist :)

John Lett

I very much dislike the culture that surrounds the Kardashian enterprise, but really that reflects more on the supply side and the consumer than it does her or her family. Any of us would ride the wave if in an similar situation. We never, ever want to wish anyone misfortune - we just have to direct our thoughts and spending toward behaviors that we like and find ethical and eventually the motivations will move with the money and attention. -''

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Lol kinda glad to see that people are past her BS and are telling her how it really is! She is a porn star. Nothing more.

Venae Venae

When some nutty terrorist decides to off a bunch of us "infidels", I hope they start at her house.  Nothing like antagonizing the crazies - thanks, girl!

cdjak cdjak

I'm not condoning the behavior of the people of Bahrain at all (though riots to protest anything not agreed with is common in this part of the world), but I'm wondering if she paid any attention whatsoever to the culture she was going to visit. Would it have been possible for her to have found something in her wardrobe that wasn't sleeveless or baring part of her chest? This display of skin is very disrespectful to their culture, and she should have been more sensitive. It may not have made a difference as far as the people of Bahrain not wanting her in their country, but it would have shown some class on her part. 

Bess Moore

KarTRASHians! Ugh! Disgusting pigs!

hello... hellokd87

Seriously, if people don't like the Kardashians DON'T COMMENT ON THE ARTICLES. I absolutely HATE Jersey Shore but you don't see me immaturely bashing them on articles. Grow up. I am usually a fan of the Kardashians, but I do disagree with the way Kim dressed while visiting. I know she does have a Fashionista reputation to protect, but this is a different culture who is VERY passionate about even the least knowing visitors complying. However, those people are not the type of people you want to be siding on. They are not only oppressive politically, but EXTREMELY oppressive religiously. If you don't share the same faith, you might as well write "martyr" on your gravestone. What's wrong with wanting to move to a country with a beautiful landscape? Would people be calling me an idiot if I stated I wanted to move to Greece for the landscape? Would I be considered ignorant for not realizing their economy is worse than ours? Would I be ignorant for saying I wanted to travel to Egypt while their is obvious warfare going on? People are so quick to criticize Kim for every single, fart, burp or whimper that comes out of her mouth they should grow up and realize she is human. I'm pretty sure there's some pretty dumb crap they've said in their lives at one point or another. It's just not publicized or plastered all over the internet like it is with Kim.

hello... hellokd87


I don't want the spelling trolls to bash me, either.

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