'Sister Wives' Preview: Major Crazy Jealous Meltdown On the Way!

sister wivesLook out, ladies! If you've been watching Sister Wives this season (okay, if you've ever watched Sister Wives at all), then you know what's coming. It's inevitable, come on! And it's what we've all been waiting for: An all-out, jealousy-fueled smackdown! Every wife for herself!! We've seen glimpses of it here and there, of course. Hurt feelings, tears, jabs. But from what we know about this Sunday's episode -- combined with a few telling quotes from the Browns' appearance on The Steve Harvey Show this week -- that major meltdown can't be far away.


Okay, so this week we're apparently going to see the Browns go on vacation to a beach-type place with another polygamist family (the dad is married to identical sisters!!). But all is not harmonious, because the other family seems to think the Browns are doing polygamy wrong. Or something. And that the wives are getting treated unfairly. (Not the identical twins, the Browns.)

Phew! Point is, the pot done get stirred! Plus, on Steve Harvey, Christine said: “We do have jealous moments over Kody. If I’m having an insecure moment and not feeling confident about who I am." And Janelle said: “He’s pretty much always in the doghouse with one of us.”

Like I said ... look out, ladies!

What are you expecting from Sister Wives this week?


Image via TLC

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