Jenelle Evans’ Rumored Heroin Addiction Might Mean It’s Time to End ‘Teen Mom’

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans hasn't been necessarily shy about her battles with drug addiction. We've seen her struggle with marijuana use, go through rehab, only to come out and smoke again, breaking her parole. Now, there are even more serious accusations about Jenelle's alleged addictions. Her former best friend and roommate, Allison, has come forward claiming that she's witnessed Jenelle using heroin.

It all started on Twitter, of course, where Allison was answering questions about her quasi-famous slash quasi-infamous ex-best friend. Allison explained that Jenelle's heroin use started about a month after she moved out, and that Jenelle's rapid weight-loss was a result of her addiction.

Furthermore, a woman who was apparently in the same hospital as Jenelle claims that the Teen Mom was there to go through heroin withdrawal, not to have surgery to treat a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Only time will tell if these heroin rumors hold any weight, and while I hope they're not true, it doesn't boggle the mind to think that Jenelle's capable of using hardcore drugs.

What does boggle the mind, though, is the fact that MTV still thinks they're producing and providing a show that realistically depicts what it's like for teen mothers. When will they learn that their show's actually about what it’s like when high school dropouts become rich and famous?

Jenelle's heroin problem, if real, should be a wake-up call. It's not the network's fault, by any means, that Jenelle's made some poor decisions, but they should take a long, hard look at the show that exploits young women's lives and ask themselves what, exactly, they're expecting from future seasons.

Do you believe the rumors that Jenelle's using heroin?


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nonmember avatar Hill

I agree with Austin. I live in a town where me and a few other girls were pregnant at the same time in high school. One other girl and myself are the only ones from that group that have not lost their child because of drugs. I have heard of so many people loosing their child because of drugs it's insane. If they kick Jenelle off the show then Teen Mom 2 will not really be showing every kind of mother there is out their. Even thou Jenelle is a horrible mother and really doesn't seem to care she is still a mom and does somewhere in her heart care about her son. She has more problems than we can see on TV I'm sure of that. Not every girl who becomes a mother at young age can handle it. It's very hard and where the father of Jayce wasn't around that made it harder even though her mom was there to help, it's just not the same. This season should be the last season for all these shows. We've seen a lot of different stories and we all know that being a teen mom isn't easy and we all know they get paid good money so lets end the scrutiny of these girls whether they are good moms or bad ones. Most places have at least 1 teen who will be a mom or is one, you want to know what it's like ask her! She'll be honest and she won't be paid to do so unless she is some sort of counselor.

Natasha Renee

They should put in the contract that if you fail a drug test you don't get paid. That way MTV won't be paying for Jenelle to get high and maybe she'd get clean. In my opinion MTV is being an enabler letting her be on the show and paying her. If anything her mom should get all her money so Jace could atleast be well taken care of.

Amy Jean

I believe the rumors are true because everything that comes out of jenelle's mouth is a lie and she's always lying about being clean and not doing drugs but we all know that she's still using drugs and we all know that her fiance courtland is using drugs too both jenelle and courtland are nothing but lying ass druggies 

Sarah Brooke George

This show does present a realistic picture of teen moms BUT as a teen mom myself, I have to say that they don't show my picture. I graduated high school with honors, I am in college now full time, I have two part time jobs,and I am still with my baby daddy (4years without getting married because we are only 19) I feel like MTV wouldn't show MY story or my teen mom friends who have the same story as me. I feel like the more drama the better...

Amanda Pearce

I don't feel that this show shows high school drop outs becoming rich and famous.  If there is a teen mom that struggles with drug addiction, well that is a true problem that some face.  It's best to show all possible scenarios so that girls who watch it understand that many problems can arise if they are not ready to be a mom so young.

nonmember avatar MCM

I don't think she technically qualifies as a "Teen Mom" the show. This bitch NEVER see's or takes care of her child. She is a complete waste of space....

Jack Mowbray

Some friends you have miss. What a peice of crap person. She could have gone to this girl about her problems instead but nahhh lets get famous and have random jerks (huh? me?) talk smack online

paige... paige8608

I hope she's on heroin! Because she is a complete IDIOT if she's letting just weed ruin her life. Seriously. How big of an idiot do you have to be?! I smoked weed for years & was able to stop cold turkey. It's not a hardcore drug. I don't have marijuana withdrawals. Nobody needs to go to rehab for weed! Weed does not create the kind of problems that Jenelle has...the girl is just a piece of crap, weed or no weed!

Lily Raven

Seems more like the casting calls are to get their 15 mins of fame now a days. In the near future seems like it's gonna go down hill from here. The new Teen Mom's just wanna be famous now; they don't care about having to go through the motions of dealing with taking care of life. Which is horrible for those kids because what if they grow up thinking this whole time that they were never wanted and maybe their mothers did have the options to give them up or abort them if they didn't have this show as an option of their lives to even exist on this earth. What a pretty depressing thought? I give praise to the OG Teen Mom's from Season 1 they use their new-found celebrity to get their act together with local resources to influence other Teen Mom's out there that it's not all glitz & glamour. Which is originally what the producers of Teen Mom wanted for this segmented series but I guess money talks so now we have entertainment about Teen Mothers. 

nonmember avatar baileyowings

i honestly think she is not a good mom and it doesnt surprise me if she is doing heroin.

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