Jenelle Evans’ Rumored Heroin Addiction Might Mean It’s Time to End ‘Teen Mom’

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans hasn't been necessarily shy about her battles with drug addiction. We've seen her struggle with marijuana use, go through rehab, only to come out and smoke again, breaking her parole. Now, there are even more serious accusations about Jenelle's alleged addictions. Her former best friend and roommate, Allison, has come forward claiming that she's witnessed Jenelle using heroin.

It all started on Twitter, of course, where Allison was answering questions about her quasi-famous slash quasi-infamous ex-best friend. Allison explained that Jenelle's heroin use started about a month after she moved out, and that Jenelle's rapid weight-loss was a result of her addiction.

Furthermore, a woman who was apparently in the same hospital as Jenelle claims that the Teen Mom was there to go through heroin withdrawal, not to have surgery to treat a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Only time will tell if these heroin rumors hold any weight, and while I hope they're not true, it doesn't boggle the mind to think that Jenelle's capable of using hardcore drugs.

What does boggle the mind, though, is the fact that MTV still thinks they're producing and providing a show that realistically depicts what it's like for teen mothers. When will they learn that their show's actually about what it’s like when high school dropouts become rich and famous?

Jenelle's heroin problem, if real, should be a wake-up call. It's not the network's fault, by any means, that Jenelle's made some poor decisions, but they should take a long, hard look at the show that exploits young women's lives and ask themselves what, exactly, they're expecting from future seasons.

Do you believe the rumors that Jenelle's using heroin?


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linzemae linzemae

Just because someone becomes a teen mom doesn't mean they are a high school drop out. She is/was attending college. She was also into drugs before she started the show. The show is not the reason she is is an addict. She turns to drugs to escape real life because she cannot handle it.

divam... divamomtjcj

thats her buisness

Jai Hutto

I love Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 and I don't think that they should end either of them. I do, however, think they should take Jenelle off of the show. She may have given birth to Jace but she's never been a mother to him. She has chosen boys and drugs over her kid every chance she's gotten. She has had so many opportunities to get her shit together. There have been countless times when she could have gotten her own place and could have attempted to file for some kind of visitation with Jace but she decided that Keiffer and bigger breasts were more important. Jenelle disgusts me and if her mother had any brains at all she'd make sure that Jenelle did the best thing for Jace...which is to keep that poor little boy as far away from Jenelle as humany possible!

vlk_2012 vlk_2012

I agree 10,000% with Jai, she's not a mother. Sure, she carried Jace for nine months and then popped him out, but that was where she let her role as a mother end. We were all rooting for her in the beginning, but it's become obvious that she only cares about herself. She can pretend to want anything to do with Jace all she wants, but I'll have a hard time believing it's for any reason other than trying to make herself look good. The best thing she ever did was let her mom take care of him. As far as his care has gone, his grandma is the only one he should be calling "mama."

loves... lovesouldoula

Sounds like reality television got a little too "real" for isn't always peachy keen.

imamo... imamombygrace

I really wouldn't believe anything about someone that comes from an "ex" friend.

With Jenelle anything seems to be possible. After viewing this weeks past show...she rather have jail time than give up smoking pot..I think she can have an addictive personality. She just seems to be very immature for her age in general. Anyone that can scuff at a probation officier trying to help you and complain that she "needs" to attend the Kesha concert.

It really blew my mind that a Kesha concert was that important, but she doesn't apply that dedication to being a parent and her poor Mom has to pick up the slack.

Mtv can't make these choices for these teens.

Austin Keenan

Based on the statistics,   it's not uncommon for  grandma to be raising their drug addicted daughters kids.    Drug addicted young women use sex to get money for drugs and/or are prime targets for rapes that are often not reported.       Including this girl might be a valid representation of one realistic scenario.   The biological mom is a mom no matter what,   she's just a horribly bad one.

nonmember avatar Jackie

I personally love teen mom & teen mom 2. They all go through struggles and thats what its about for other people to see and learn from them. Im 100% sure that theres other teen moms worst than jenelle.

Joy Ankrom Sturm

I don't feel that Janelle should be taken off the show, the show is called teen Mom for a reason. Yes she has many faults, but with all the negativity that gets throwed at her not to mention she is bypolar it's no wander she acts the way she does. If people would stop giving her so much attention then maybe just maybe she would calm way down. Attention getter will do everything in their power to recieve it. As for her being a teen Mom she is showing her life struggles as one. She isn't like the others that has all the glam and help. Every Mom has their faults it shouldn't be up to anyone to judge them.

Lissa Fehr

she looked like she was on heroin in that engagement announcement video. lol not surprised at all.

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