Carrie Underwood Will Be Perfect in New 'Sound of Music' Lead Role

Carrie UnderwoodAs a child, I was never a huge fan of The Sound of Music. It was just too syrupy to me, even then. I liked my musicals with a bit more edge, like Grease and The Wiz. But I see the appeal of it. Edelweiss edelweiss. Doe a deer, a female deer. Something about Nazis. But one thing is for sure: Julie Andrews was the most singingest governess ever. The most squeaky clean singingest governess. And if you were going to cast it today, it'd be hard to come up with a singer with that level of squeaky cleanness. Britney Spears? Har har. Though I'd watch that, for sure. However, NBC seems to have found the perfect modern day Julie Andrews. Any guesses? Carrie Underwood, y'all! I know, right? Purrrrfect casting.


Carrie, who will be playing Maria von Trapp (duh!), is set to film the live broadcast sometime next year. Wow, live, eh? That's pretty ballsy.

Though Carrie had had her edgy moments -- "Before He Cheats" perhaps -- she's just the ticket to fill the big squeaky shoes of Julie Andrews. Though I'm wondering how she's going to handle that British accent.

Personally, I think someone with a tad more edge to her could have made things interesting. Like, say, Avril Lavigne. Or Taylor Momsen. Or Taylor Swift. Actually, Taylor would make a great Sandy in Grease. (Call me, Taylor, if you want to discuss that more.) Or Nicki Minaj! Oh snap. Now that would have been a ratings grabber.

Well, at any rate, let's just be thankful they didn't cast Lindsay Lohan, amiright? Carrie has sold the most albums of any American Idol alum (or is it Kelly Clarkson? Those two seem to be neck and neck) so I'm sure her fans will come out in droves for this event. Plus, the kiddies will be able to watch it too. I'm surprised no one has thought of this before, I tells ya.

What other musicals could be redone now with new stars?

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