'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit's Over-the-Top Diet Sounds Dangerous

mackenzie douthitIt's been over a year since former 16 & Pregnant star and soon-to-be Teen Mom 3 cast member Mackenzie Douthit had her son Gannon and shed her baby weight in what seemed like seconds. She's a competitive cheerleader, so she's always been super-conscious about her weight. (In fact, reports say one of the reasons she got preggers in the first place was because she was afraid the pill would cause her to gain weight. Oh, honey! It's called condoms ... or a nonhormonal copper-T IUD ...)

Anyway, despite certain blood sugar and health challenges she faces as a Type 1 diabetic, the teen mom's had no prob keeping her body super-fit. Nonetheless, it seems she isn't yet as fit as she'd like to be. In fact, she wants to lose 12 more pounds total. She recently tweeted, "All fruit and vegetable diet #diabeticdiet #perfectbloodsugars #sixpoundslost #sixpoundstago" and included a photo of an apple and some carrots. Wait, whaaat?!


First of all, why in the world she felt the need to lose 12 more pounds is beyond me, but all right, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, you can look at someone and think there's no way in hell she needs to lose any weight, but she may have a little pudge she wants to shed or her BMI may be higher than preferable or she may have other health challenges that aren't obvious from her outward appearance.

But an all fruit and veggie diet? To make her blood sugar perfect and shed six more pounds? Every nutrition expert I've ever spoken to is a huge fan of fruits, veggies ... but also lean protein and complex carbs to keep blood sugar stable. I'm not a diabetic, but I'm hypogyclemic thanks to hormone imbalance. And I know that if I tried to get away with having just an apple for a snack or just carrots, I'd be hungry and shaky and feeling icky from low blood sugar much faster than if I were to have an apple or carrots paired with some quality protein, like a piece of low-fat cheese or a little almond butter.  

That said, it seems like Mackenzie may just be looking to go the quick, extreme route to getting as light as possible for the cheerleading/tumbling competition. Ugh. I get that she loves it, but that should get top priority over her overall health. Especially now that she's responsible not only for her own well-being, but her son's, too.

Do you think Mackenzie's diet sounds crazy?


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