Courtney Stodden May Not Be in Love With Doug Hutchison -- But Her Mom May Be!


Courtney StoddenIt's definitely kind of fun to laugh at teen bride Courtney Stodden and all of her and 100-year-old husband Doug Hutchison's weirdness, but looks like there actually might be some seriously dark shit going on in the World of Stodden. Stuff that maybe we shouldn't laugh at. Stuff like she's totally addicted to prescription meds. Stuff like her mom is really the one who's in love with Doug. Stuff like she tries to hook up with other dudes when her husband is watching.

I know, right? Makes you feel a little icky about laughing at her (or writing about her!).

Nik Richie, one of Courtney and Doug's co-stars in the reality show Couple's Therapy, has made some disturbing allegations about Courtney and her family to The Huffington Post. And, actually, they're kind of believable. Here's what he had to say:

Courtney made sexual advances at me every time we were alone in the house. She didn't care -- she even did it in front of Doug and he was cool with it. It got so bad I had to have a meeting with producers to tell her to stop because I didn't want to go to jail.

I think their entire relationship in contrived. This is a desperate attempt by Courtney's mom to use Doug to fulfill a dream and or sexual fantasy she could never have. Courtney doesn't love Doug -- she is too young and too high on meds to even know what love is. I get the feeling she is hiding a lot of dark secrets. What child marries a creepy old man who courted her online and in email? That is 'Dateline' style.

High on meds? The mom's trying to fulfill a sick sexual fantasy? This stuff is strange with a capital S, but dude, if it's true, it definitely explains a lot.

I don't think in all my years of being alive I've ever seen a "celebrity" quite as odd as Courtney Stodden. Maybe Anna Nicole, but Courtney is just weird. Being high on something would definitely be somewhat of an explanation as to why she's so ... well, weird. And if that shit is true about her mother, well, that's just sick, and Courtney should get emancipated yesterday.

Courtney's mom fired back at Nik's allegations, saying: "He is just trying to get media through Courtney, because she is a media sensation. He cannot do it on his own, and yes, you can quote me."

That's kind of believable too, I guess. But I don't know, Nik's story does make you think there's a lot more than meets the eye.

What do you think in god's name is up with Courtney Stodden?

Image via Pacific Coast News


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nonmember avatar Noinin

When I watch videos of Doug and Courtney what strikes me is that Doug seems really vulnerable. My opinion is not that Courtney's mother is in love with him, but that she planned it all in order to take advantage of him - asking him for acting lessons for her daughter, supervising their mails, allowing her daughter to marry him... I don't know if it was fame or money she was after, but I do believe she is Courtney's puppeteer. As for Courtney, she looks high and sad.

dirti... dirtiekittie

well i certainly don't think it's real love between her and that husband of hers, that's for sure. and it's kind of rich that courtney stodden's mom would say that about nik richie - far more people knew him and long before CS ever came into the american conscious (and man don't we all wish she could go away). 

imamo... imamombygrace

I'm glad I am not the only one that got that vibe about the Mom. When they interviewed her she talked about Doug, having meeting with him alone, and saying they all three made a great team. I find their realtionship, Dourtney, sick and disturbing. Doug seems very immature for his age and is preying on a young/inexperienced/naive girl.

nonmember avatar Michelle

The mom thinks her kid is a media sensation? She's been made out to be a total freak but I wouldn't call her a sensation at least not in a good way. Someone obviously ruined her, maybe it was mommy dearest, but the girl acts like/looks like a trashy slut.

Joanne L Childs

omg i did watch this train wreck and wondered who in this family is in their right mind...she is just a baby who thinks she knows everything....girl you have so much to learn and i hope you live long enough to learn it....peace

nonmember avatar alex bomar

Courtney is a illuminati MK slave or puppet. They messed with that poor childs brain now she is totally screwed up and I bet her mom prob arranged for this. Her mom makes me sick bcuz its obvious she is controlling courtney. Doug is so lonely that he is desparate to keep courtney no matter if she flirts. I really concerned for what goes on in his mind he was such a great actor on Green Mile

nonmember avatar Sky

I can't be the only one that thinks Doug genuinely loves Courtney! Yes I believe it is true, but not reciprocated. I almost feel like she is using him to live a comfortable lifestyle, not because of her age, but because she just wants someone to take care of her! As far as her being high on meds.....yep I could definitely see that. She is just too loopy to be anything other than high! I wonder if anyone will care 4 years from now when she is 21.

nonmember avatar Antoine

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