Lindsay Lohan's Reported Drinking Problem Means She Gets Scarier By the Minute (VIDEO)

I think we should start the Lindsay Lohan channel. That's really the only way we could get in all of this daily Lindsay Lohan news. It just never seems to end. What is up with this girl?! Can't she just, like, take a day off? Maybe take a bath, curl up with a good book? But knowing Linds, she'd end up hurling the book at some unsuspecting assistant and getting arrested.

Anyhoo ... it was only yesterday that we heard that Lindsay got arrested in New York after partying at a nightclub and getting into a fight with a psychic. You couldn't make this crap up. But now we've got more news about what started the altercation -- I mean, besides Lindsay's existence -- and we also may know now what is causing all of this drama. TMZ is reporting that Linds might have a lee-tle bit of a drinking problem. Just a lee-tle. (Ahem!)


According to TMZ, Lindsay has been boozing heavily the past couple of months -- as much as two liters of vodka a day. (Lindsay's liver: Help me, help me, for god's sake, someone DO something!) Reportedly Linds is so stressed by her "dire financial situation" (like supporting her mom?) and possible jail time from her latest probation violation (lying to the cops -- which came before her latest arrest -- which is another whole story) that she's been drinking to numb the pain. Unfortunately, it's been causing pain for everyone else -- including the psychic, Tiffany Eve Mitchell, who was allegedly punched by Linds after she approached offering the Liz & Dick star a "free reading." (Tiffany: My dear, I see a liver transplant in your near future ... )

Linds didn't take too kindly to this interruption. She was apparently busy trying to get it on with The Wanted's Max George and called Tiffany a "gypsy." Which is probably okay if you're talking to Stevie Nicks, but NOT okay if you're talking to a psychic. Anyhoo ...

Cops were called and Lindsay was arrested. AGAIN. But that's not all, folks! Lindsay was only out of the police station for a hot second when she got into yet ANOTHER argument, this time with her assistant, Gavin Doyle. The same assistant Linds said was driving the Porsche when she got into an accident over the summer ('memba that?). But it turns out that it was actually Lindsay driving. Maybe. Anyhoo ...

According to video taken at the scene, Lindsay began raving at Gavin to "get out of the car! Get out of the f**king car!" (Anyone see the irony here? First she wants him to drive, now she doesn't!) He then walked away, saying, "Never speak to me again." Good move, Gavin.

Gavin then had some choice words to hurl at Lindsay, via public forum, of course. He tweeted at her: "After bailing you out last night, I HOPE and PRAY that you will get the help you so desperately need. We are ALL rooting for you. xxx"

Ha, gotta love that passive aggressive tweet. Something tells me Gavin is now out of a job, but that sounds like a pretty shitty job anyway. Watch the video below for Lindsay kicking her assistant out of the car. The photographers' questions are pretty funny too.

What do you think LiLo will get up to next?

Image via New York Post/YouTube

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