Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy Just Can't Get Enough of Each Other

kelly monaco val chmerkovskiy
They're holding hands!
The question over whether or not Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy are actually a couple is driving us absolutely bonkers these days, and even though they've remained pretty quiet about their relationship, little clues keep popping up indicating that they're more than just good pals.

(Um, they're holding hands in this photo. Do you hold hands with your male friends?)

Earlier this week, Kelly and Val were photographed looking pretty cozy and cuddly while strolling the streets of New York City. Then yesterday, the news broke that their "working" connection isn't over yet even though this season of Dancing With the Stars has ended.


Get this one: Val will be making a guest appearance on General Hospital (yep, Kelly's stomping grounds) on December 10 -- and much to our eye-candy viewing pleasure, he'll be shirtless. (Yummy.)

Val's guest role will be as a boxer who appears in a scene with the character Alexis -- though there is no word of whether or not he'll interact with Kelly's character during the episode. (That would be awesome though.)

When talking about his soap debut on The View, he told Sherri Shepherd, "I guess Kelly pulled some strings for me and I got a little cameo." (Aww -- so sweet of her to help him get a little more exposure, and much to the delight of all his fans.)

Ok, so the episode was filmed on November 7, and Kelly and Val were still spending their days glued to each other in the ballroom at that point -- but doesn't it seem kind of interesting that they took their working relationship out of the studio? It's almost like they just can't stand the thought of not spending every waking moment with each other (not that any of us fans can stand it either).

Hmm. I wonder if they'll watch the episode together on the 10th? And will they turn up on TV together again at some point? (OMG. They HAVE to.)

Do you plan on watching Val on General Hospital even if you don't follow the soap?


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