'Jersey Shore' Recap: Snooki's Shore Shower Is AWKWARD

Vinny and The SituationWell, let's be honest, this entire season of Jersey Shore is awkward at best. The whole MVP, DTF mission is so overplayed and pathetic, it's painful to watch. And besides that, well, there's just not much going on.

Even bringing back Angelina Pivarnick, who once caused all sorts of drama on the show, didn't do much to pep things up. She apologized about 8,000 times to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Vinny, and Pauly for what exactly she didn't say, and then she wouldn't stop hanging on them or leave. They ignored her, and, well ... that was about it. So much for the big build-up there.


The big (and I use that term very loosely) action on tonight's episode was Operation Shore Shower. JWOWW and the girls were holding a surprise shower and did everything they could to keep it from Snooki. Snooks was all sorts of bummed out because nobody wanted to do baby stuff with her. Really they just didn't want her to buy the stuff they were going to gift to her, so they did a bunch of sneaky maneuvers to keep it secret.

Despite their massive hangovers from the night before, they managed to pull it off. Snooki was surprised, touched, and tearful. And all of the roommates were there to join in the festivities. Which was the problem ... seeing as how Jionni pretty much wants to smash the faces of two of them for sleeping with his fiance or saying they did.

So yeah, things were a little awkward. Vinny was all prepared to make peace with Jionni for the sake of his friendship with Nicole, and as the episode ended, we saw him make his move. Who knows how it will go (my guess is good) or if Mike will follow or just sit there like the snake he is. Things could get interesting ... though based on this season's track record, I'm not counting on it.

Do you think Vinny and Mike were right to attend Snooki's baby shower?


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