'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Studio Suing Over Porn Films That 'Rip Off' the Books

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clapperboard movieSeems like it had to be only a matter of time before the porn industry was all over the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. Not to mention before they got slapped with a lawsuit for being all over it. TMZ is reporting that Universal Studios -- which holds the movie rights to E.L. James' series -- is now suing three XXX companies, claiming they illegally made an unauthorized film -- called Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation -- as well as bootleg Fifty Shades-themed sex toys.

Apparently, Universal, along with Fifty Shades Ltd., say the porno isn't a parody ... and therefore, it's not protected under the First Amendment. SO lame!

I totally get and respect Universal's right to lay claim to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie that we've all been freaking out over for eons before it actually gets cast or starts shooting. But to tweak out over Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired PORN? Not only does the porn industry always riff on whatever the zeitgeist is in a tongue-in-cheek way, but never before has the zeitgeist so perfectly fit into porn. Come on! We're talking about a BDSM love story! It's almost as if Fifty Shades of Grey was "born" to be porn.

While this suit is likely totally legit, it just comes off as kinda ridiculous and almost -- dare I say it? -- insecure that Universal is going after Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation, which I would imagine couldn't possibly be anything like what the legit, probably waaaay cleaned up and toned down R-rated adaptation is bound to be. And yet the suit asserts:

The first XXX adaptation ... does not comment on, criticize, or ridicule the originals. It is a rip-off, plain and simple. By lifting exact dialogue, characters, events, story, and style from the Fifty Shades trilogy, [producer] Smash Pictures ensured that the first XXX adaptation was, in fact, as close as possible to the original works.

Puhleeease! If they're really that threatened by a cheesy porn, I guess we better not get our hopes up for the real deal! Or, hmm ... maybe that means we should?

What do you think about this lawsuit -- silly or makes perfect sense?



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nonmember avatar Olive

Come on! 50 Shades is not porn. Though wander people get the wrong idea of the book before they've even read it. To put Porn & 50 Shades into one sentence is just so wrong! Yes there is a difference between porn & sex, we talking about a book that's more than just sex. That's how I see it. Sue for all they got, that's what I say.

Michele Maltby Heffernan

I agree with Olive..i hate that these books are considered porn....ridiculous!

Tanya Frey

That's the funniest thing I have EVER READ.

50 Shades was based on Porn "oh look at me super secret slut virgin, oh look at you super sexy sexual rich man, let have lots of sex where you hurt me and humiliate me and I love evey second of it"

Sounds like a porn to me.

They just need the funds to get their ridiculous movie off the gound

Tammy Janke

Tanya.... Have you read the books? The first one is a little messed up but there is a huge story behind it. What happened to Christian, Ana and Christian's love, etc... The 2nd and 3rd book are great. Christian falls in love with Ana and changes. It is not porn in my eyes. It is getting that image because of Hollywood blowing up on it.Just like everything in Hollywood getting blown out of this world!

nonmember avatar Elaine

The real irony is that 50 Shades is (literally) Twilight fanfiction with the names scrubbed. So the porn company should just do a vampire parody version of 50 Shades and it'll all be good.

nonmember avatar AshB

Oh come on people. The book is porn. The story is a terrible excuse to get Christian and Anna into situations where they can screw every 5 minutes. Also, considering the terrible writing quality and god awful story, 50 Shades was born to be adapted into a porno.
Oh, and before you harass me for not having read the supposedly deep and moving story in the second and third books, I have indeed suffered throguh them all.

nonmember avatar Nerdygirl

50 Shades of Grey is totally not the same as porn.

Porn as a whole actually stereotypes women less then 50 shades does. The sex in porn is also much more believable.

nonmember avatar Anie

This is rich. They're suing for plagiarism? HMMN, I WONDER WHERE 50 SHADES GOT PLAGIARIZED FROM.

No but in all seriousness, really?? This book is masturbation material (apparently). Otherwise known as porn. Okay fine EROTICA. Same thing. Regardless of whether it as a "story" behind it doesn't make the sex scenes less present. And there are a lot. Besides, are people really that surprised? Porn movie for a porn book. You'll still get your nice R-rated movie.

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