Country Singer Trace Adkins' Confederate Flag Earpiece Kills the Christmas Spirit (VIDEO)

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trace adkinsDid you see Trace Adkins at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting special? He wore a Confederate flag earpiece, y'all. Don we now our provocative apparel! Seriously, Trace? You had to go and make a statement at a Christmas celebration? Really?

How disrespectful. Here everyone is, welcoming in the holidays. The whole point is to usher in all those warm, cozy Christmas spirits and what does he do? He wears an accessory that says, "Imma let you finish, Christmas Tree, but the War of Northern Aggression was a travesty!" You really have to go out of your way to pick one of those instead of just a regular, non-upstagy earpiece. And yes, I do think he was trying to be provocative.

The Confederate flag may mean "heritage" for some people, but for others, it's definitely a political statement. And Trace is one political man, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He knows what that symbol means to people, and as a performer he should know better.

Oh sure, you could say, "who cares, it's a free country" or "it's just an earpiece" or "hey it's Trace Adkins, what did you expect" or "why RU so makin him out to be racist thats dum wy cant U just git over it dum bich?" And the answer, oh eloquent defenders of the Confederate earpiece, is -- wait, I did not say he's racist, okay? -- the answer is that this is the ONLY thing I have heard about this special. The earpiece was all over Twitter. He got people talking about his stupid ear bud instead of the performances or the tree or freakin' AREN'T YOU GLAD IT'S CHRISTMASTIME. And that makes him the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, if only for an evening.

Ugh, he's like that uncle who gets drunk at your family gathering and starts ranting about politics when all anyone really wants to do is drink some eggnog and sing some carols. I mean, what, are we supposed to see his ears and go, "Wow, you know what? The South Will Rise Again and certain states should just secede, not that that's un-American or anything!" Sheesh. I guess we should all just be glad he didn't go and sing "White Christmas.""

Should Trace Adkins have taken more care in selecting his earpiece last night?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

as a born-and-raised southerner i can tell you that there is more than a handful of people who still look at the confederate flag as a historic symbol from the south. i'm not going to bother explaining it, because i've tried plenty of times in the past only to be bashed and accused of being racist. i'll agree that it wasn't the arena for him to break it out at, obviously it will garner attention... but to be honest, in this day and age, what celebrity is getting attention for being good? for being nice? for not being controversial? exactly. 

purvi... purvislets

A celebrity dares to make a statement in front of a crowd?  Well stop the presses!  

jrl90 jrl90

I don't think he "was trying to be provocative" as you put it. He has worn that same earpiece to many of his concerts. If it offends you that much change the damn channel.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

If the sum total of your daily life experience is what you see/hear/say on TWITTER, then you have to realize that you're not dealing with the general public at large.  


I live in New York.  I was in the city last night and rode the train home with hordes of Christmas tree lighting spectators.  I heard NOT ONE WORD about Trace Adkins' earpiece.


I'm a Yankee, through and through, but went to school in and have dozens of friends in the Deep South.  The Confederate Flag is just a symbol of who they are as a region.  It's only a STATEMENT if you're predisposed to look at it as one.


The man's a country singer and he uses a Confederate Flag earbud when he performs.  Those things are super high-tech and molded to their ears.  Tim McGraw uses a flashy red metallic one that often clashes with his outfit but matches his flashy red metallic microphone.  People who don't like the color red should get really made at him. 

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Well, you did a great job of making fun of your readers... AND implied anyone that didn't agree with you was stupid and/or ignorant. I can overlook the earpiece, but your rudeness to the readers here (to which you owe your paycheck) is despicable.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Every time I read an 'article' from The Stir I think that they can't possibly be any more condescending and lacking in intelligent thought...and then you go and prove me wrong. Stupid over achievers.

BTW, chances are that ear piece was one he already owned...its not like New York officials have a supply of ear pieces to pass around in instances like this.

Also, if your experience was ruined by an ear piece and you really felt the need to spread your gloom for all to see, I would say you are the only grinch in this instance.

Michelle Stringfield Adcox

I with everyone who thinks the confederate flag is offensive would SHUT UP!! To be hobest, YOU are showing your ignorance. I am southern and I am proud to be. The only thing that flag respresents is THE SOUTH!!! And the only way to understand that is to be southern! So MAYBE you are the racist!!!!!


wyote... wyotechangel

your right the flag isnt racist its a symbol of their fallen army a battle they didnt win let them fly that and remember we kicked their asses!

nonmember avatar Cass

So you're complaining about all the hype it received, thereby giving it more hype? I hadn't heard about it until your post.

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