'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Shocking Abortion Tweets Earned an Angry Backlash

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catelynn lowellTeen Mom's Catelynn Lowell was in the unique position of being the MTV series' only "teen mom" who had given up her child for adoption. And given her personal history, it's not exactly surprising to hear that she has strong anti-abortion views. But it is kind of random that she's been tweeting about them, posting Instagram pics that state, "Choose life ... Your mother did!" and announcing she doesn't believe in abortion EVER, even in cases of rape. Or maybe not, considering the fact that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra are on a tour "discussing unplanned pregnancy, today’s adoption, and other issues facing young adults and teens" sponsored by Bethany Christian Services.

In other words, there's only going to be one option "discussed" on this tour, and that's adoption -- a fab choice for some pregnant women, but not for all.

Unsurprisingly, bringing up this sensitive subject on Twitter has earned her some praise -- and also some serious backlash. For instance, one of her followers challenged her on it, leading her to defend her extreme position of opposing a pregnancy termination even in cases of rape:

I've meet many adopted children that come from experiences like that. Just b/c there dad was messed up they can't live? 

And after a fan pointed out that a raped mother's mental health may damage the baby, she replied:

that's a poor excuse to kill a innocent child..

Whoa nelly. Maybe it has to do with no longer starring on the MTV show that made her famous, but guess Catelynn's not afraid to get seriously divisive at this point.

Well, she's entitled to their views, but personally, one thing I've never understood about anti-abortion advocates is their push to make others believe what they believe and follow their lead. What business is it of Catelynn and Tyler's if another couple wants to have an abortion or consider adoption? Obviously, the latter was the right choice for them -- but it's not necessarily the right choice in the case of every unplanned pregnancy. 

Good for Catelynn for feeling empowered to get out there and talk about her personal experience and inform young people about adoption as an option. But unfortunately, selling it as the ONLY option does the same young people a complete disservice. Mostly because they're assuming that other people's personal experiences reflect and will be just like their own. And that's utterly unrealistic and narrowminded.

That said, I appreciate that she broached the topic on Twitter. As long as there's healthy debate on the contentious topic, maybe her fans and followers will be getting both sides of the story so they can make an educated decision about their health and their pregnancy that suits their own very individual circumstances.

How do you feel about Catelynn broadcasting her abortion views?


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Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I don't agree with her but she certainly has every right to "broadcast" her opinions&abortion views,like anyone else...

nonmember avatar melissa

She's walked the walk so I think she can talk the talk.

Do I agree? Not exactly.

But that's the beautiful part about our world. We can have a belief. It can be different then others.

If those kids are listening to her then they where meant to listen to her. Their souls know what their doing.

Lisa Schneider

The world has become a scary place when people are condemened for being opposed to murder.

dirti... dirtiekittie

she has every right to believe what she wants and to say those beliefs. just like i have every right to disagree with them. if you don't like abortions, don't have one. but until you're in someone else's shoes, you have absolutely no right to judge them for the decisions they make in THEIR life. 

Heath... Heather.Rose

I am sure this will anger someone but I agree with her 100%. Just because of the way a child was produced or because of what the father was like is no reason to kill a baby. I do not berate those who are for abortion nor to I look down on those who have had one but in my own personal opinion it is murder.

nonmember avatar Gretta

I like it. Everyone should take a stand and not be bullied into silence.

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

-- Quote by Winston Churchill

miche... micheledo

Good for her.  If you believe a baby in the womb is a person and has rights then it doesn't matter how that life came about.  You would speak out and try to 'push' your beliefs on other people too.  

Right now the majority of society believes a newborn or 1 year old is a human and deserves to live.  Nobody has a problem if I speak out about their right to life.  (well, some disagree, but thankfully they are the very small minority).  It's only when you disagree that you have a problem with it.

Every child pre or post birth has a right to life.  It is murder to end that live intentionally.  And that is where the disagreement lies - is it a person with rights or is it not?  We'll never agree on that and my position will never change.

Bloom... Bloomie79

She asked valid questions and stated her opinion, so what, when she starts attacking people for their choice I'll be offended until then good for her.

Heidi Hinds

Upon conception each of us began to grow. By 7 weeks we could feel pain. Abortion, the holocaust within the womb, is murder. God formed us within our mother's womb. We are to defend the weak and helpless and God holds us responsible to do that. The silent cry of the unborn needs voiced by those of us who know the Truth. This is not about choice, it is about accountability. Abortion destroys the chain of human life leaving future generations without senior support. Save the whales? Save the dolphins? Save the elephants being destroyed for their tusks? Save the human beings. God help us.

chigi... chigirl1228

Ok... this her opinion and is entitled to it. Plus this trip is sponsored by a Christian group. Highly unlikely that she would even be allowed to say abortion is an option without losing the sponsorship, even if she believed it was an option. Look I'm pro-choice but I am also for the constitution that says people have freedom of religion and speech. Sometimes you are too liberal and feminist for me.

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