Miley Cyrus' Prenup Is Adorable, Funny & Completely Insane

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miley cyrus liam hemsworthThink what you want of Miley Cyrus, but the girl's no dummy. She's making sure she's got her ass totally covered before she and fiance Liam Hemsworth tie the knot -- and that means getting an iron-clad prenup in order that will protect her $130 million.

Smart move, sista. I know you probably think the two of you will be together 'til the end of time now, but this is Hollyweird we're talking about -- you never know what's going to happen. Wait, hold on a second. What's that, Miley? You're not getting a prenup to keep your millions from going to Liam should the two of you break up. You're doing it, so he doesn't get ... your dogs? Hokaaay ...

According to a source in Life & Style magazine, Miley "has a half-dozen dogs that are her babies -- she doesn’t want to lose them." Awwww. But, at the same time -- cray.

Look, I think it's super sweet that Miley loves her four-legged friends so much. I have a doggie, too. And I love him very much. But I don't think that that's what Miley would have to worry about -- Liam going after her dogs -- if they ever got divorced. Girl, he may love your pooches, but he's going to want that cash.

Whatever, though, I guess. Whatever gets these two crazy kids to sign a prenup. I hope Liam and Miley make it -- really I do. But if they don't, I definitely hope that Miley can keep her millions. And her dogs.

Have you ever been involved in a "pet custody battle"?


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nonmember avatar amanda

I think it's a smart move. Even if publicly she is saying it is to protect her pet ownership. I have been in that situation-pet custody. I had a partner that committed suicide and together we had a beautiful dog-though it was my dog from prior to our commitment to each other. His parents fought me for the dog after his passing as they said it keep the memory of their child alive. Regretfully this entire family had severe mental issues (that only surfaced to me late in our relationshit). Though it broke my heart and I think about this dog daily, he stayed with the family. I on the other hand, changed my number and moved 2000 miles away. Never again...

Rae.302 Rae.302

My husband's ex picks up their three chihuauas once or twice a month for visits, lol. I think its strange but i dont mind it.

tuffy... tuffymama

XH2 has custody of my American Bulldog. I just don't think he would have lived had I kept her. He needed something to go home to. I miss my little girl, but he spoils her rotten and she gives him a reason to get up and get moving every day. I see her monthly and that has to be enough.

DH and his XW split the dogs down the middle. She took the female dogs and he took the males.

Teabone Hall

Stupid is as stupid does.

nonmember avatar Karri

Won't Liam have his own millions too, from the Hunger Games movies? So what would he want Miley's for?

Jose F Medeiros

Miley's money, is Miley's money, Liam's is his. i really did not realize that Miley's net worth is 130 million, good for her, it looks like she made wise investments. I also hope that their marriage lasts as long as former U.S President Ronald and Nancy Reagan's has, one of the few Hollywood couples to be married till death do us part.

Kate Cooley

While I think it's a good idea to put a stip in there about the pets (people fight over stupider things, really), Miley's been cray-cray for a long time. It runs in the family.


Nelli... NellieAthome

Amanda - you had a beautiful dog that you loved and owned before the relationship,  you left the dog with a bunch of mentally ill people and then left them no way to contact you if the dog needed to go back to you.

Shame on you - that dog was  100% dependent on you to keep it safe and loved. It lost your  boyfriend, it lost you, it lost is home, it lost its feeling of safety - it lost everything it counted on you  to provide for him.  You walked out on ihim without a backwards glance..... that doesn't sound to me liked you really loved the dog that much...

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